Batman Beyond…. what about Batgirl Beyond?

There’s a lot of hype around Batman Beyond, and rightfully so. For many collectors, they have the same type of affinity for the animated character others do for say… Harley Quinn. There’s still no new news on anything concrete Batman Beyond related. Although a BluRay release is coming soon, according to reports out of SDCC2019. It’s also been mentioned that any future for Batman Beyond is going to be directly tied to the success of this new BluRay. As I understand it, it includes everything from the animated series and animated movies.

Lack of new episodes hasn’t slowed interest down in Terry McGinnis or his Bat themed alter ego, both have continued on in comic form… obviously. So after you buy his first and the 1st appearances of his assorted rogues gallery, what else is there to collect?

Which brings us to Batgirl Beyond… or Nissa if you prefer. Her first appearance is a book I’ve been picking up for years, which is Batman Beyond Unlimited #18. At one point I think Midtown Comics was clearancing them for $2 each. So at that price, why not. I’m sure there are people thinking, if Terry doesn’t have anything on either size screen coming how unlikely is it that Batgirl will? And to answer that, well… this could be 4 years or more out… probably longer. Who knows if she’ll ever appear outside the comics. She might never. All spec has risks.

However, despite the number of IF’s that have to fall into place. It’s still a safer bet that one day she will, as opposed to blowing money on any number of other speculated books or store exclusives.

So what else is there for Batgirl Beyond then? Well, much like two weeks ago when I talked about Lynn Michaels/Lady Punisher, not too much. Which is kinda good thing depending on how you look at it. If nothing else, there’s fewer books to remember when you’re digging in long boxes. Also there’s a lot less to dispute across special media.

Batgirl Beyond vol 6 #12 is the only other book I’ve found where Batgirl Beyond is a major character. Interior Art by Siya Oum, and I know she’s got a few fans out there. Granted the artwork does look a bit different, but I think that’s more to do with the Dexter Vines inking the issue. There are 2 covers for it, however the B cover isn’t a ratio variant, so there’s no way to gauge or even guesstimate the print runs of each cover, since I don’t prescribe to the equal printing theory. Combined it’s 21,866 copies sold through Diamond. Admittedly, I’ve probably only read about 1/3 of the Batman Beyond related comics that have been produced. So there could be some minor appearances for Nissa I’ve missed. If so, shout them out below.


Just after I completed writing the bulk of this, wouldn’t you know it, DC Comics has decided to now try out a Batwoman Beyond… shocker! No doubt as a way to ride some of the hype for the Batwoman TV show starting this fall.

Eagle eyed readers of Previews possibly have already spotted this. If not, it’s ok. You still have time to place your orders for issue # 37 of Batman Beyond, due to hit shelves this October 2019. Cover A is pictured and it’s the cover she appears on.

If I was to guess, because I’m behind on reading Batman Beyond… but I’ve picked them up because Rick Leonardi has been doing the interiors. I’m thinking whomever this new Batwoman is would probably appear in a plain clothes or cameo capacity prior to issue #37… but maybe not.

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back in two weeks with more comic and speculations related nonsense.


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