Batman Trades Bam! Sock! Kapow!

When it comes to trade paperbacks, there can be only one king. Funny thing is, he’s not even a king. He’s a knight, the Dark Knight to be exact. Why does there seem to be more Batman related trades when compared to any other hero? I’ll tell you why.

Because he’s Batman!

Seriously though, fellow agents, while you are out in the field, keep your eyes peeled for the following Batman TPBs. They sell easy. They sell fast. They are Bat-trades!


Batman and the Monster Men/Batman and the Mad Monk


Here’s a dynamic duo for you, Matt Wagner’s two part masterpiece. The tale of a young Bruce Wayne facing the realities of common everyday thugs giving way to super-villains.

First it’s Hugo Strange and his Monster Men, out for blood. Next the supernatural machinations of the Mad Monk terrorize Gotham.

What’s Batman to do? Kick butt of course. Great art, great writing, great flip if you can resist keeping and reading them (I wouldn’t blame you).

Both these trades have been money in the bank for me the last few years. I find them used and triple my money in less than a week.

Legends of the Dark Knight: Marshall Rogers HC


This 496 page collection of Batman stories features a classic Joker cover from Detective Comics #475. It sells regularly for $30 above its $49.99 cover price. I purchased it last year used for $25. Holy mackerel what a flip!

Nightwing Year One


Don’t forget the Batman Family. This trade collects Nightwing #101-106. What happens when Dick Grayson is fired by Batman?

He chats with Superman, team-ups with Deadman, and makes the decisions that lead him to become Nightwing! This is one of those situations where the value of the trade may be signaling an undervalued story arc.

Out of print since 2005 this $15 trade sales for around $40.

Batman Animated


Even though this is not technically a comic book trade paperback or hardback. I will include it. I had chances to buy this out of print book used several times this past year and passed. Now it is selling for 20% to 50% over cover price.

What’s not to love about art, photographs, and behind the scene stories from arguably the greatest Batman series ever created? I believe this show alone brought tons of people into comics. Not to mention it gave us Harley Quinn. Nuff’ said.

There are other Batman trades to be found. You should know the drill by now.


Trade Secret #8: Search Ebay for “Batman TPB –lot –set”


That’s all for this now. Until next week, keep reaching for the trades, true believers.


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