Beard Hunter, Kill them All, Aliens, Interceptor and More!

     Brendan Fraiser might be a little long in the tooth but I sure was wrong on his casting as Cliff Steele, Robotman.  What a refreshing first episode for an ensemble Superhero show.  Mr. Nobody stole it for me even if he was barley in the premiere.  Add in a donkey fart message and a few other treats and I was hooked.  So far the DC streaming platform is nailing it.  Unfortunately for speculators they suffer from the same problem as Syfy.  They just don’t have the power Netflix does.  Let’s hope that changes.

     There are a bunch of other characters that will be appearing this season.   Here are a few to dig out along with some other pics.




Doom Patrol 89
First appearance of Animal Mineral Vegetable Man

One of my favorites, this guy originally worked with Niles Caulder until a falling out over the invention of an anti-decay ray.  He then attained his powers after falling into a vat of amino acid.  You just can’t make this crap up.  Doom patrol clearly has no problem embracing this sort of craziness and trust me we are all the better for it.  As more and more super hero genre stuff comes to TV it will become increasingly harder to produce content viewers can feel is fresh and new.  This show is already cognoscente of this and addresses it masterfully.

NOTE:  Animal, Mineral, Vegetable Man has connections to General Immortus so it is possible he appears at some point.  Immortus first appeared in the already pricey first appearance of Doom Patrol.




Showcase Presents 94

First appearance of Celsius ,Tempest and Negative Woman

This comic has a bunch of firsts but these three are also set to appear this season.



Doom Patrol 3

First appearance of Lodestone

Yet another accident left Rhea Jones with electromagnetic powers.  I am not sure if she will appear but the odds are good that she does if not this season then in the future.



Doom Patrol 91

First appearance of Mento

If you are Doom Patrol fan then you know who Steve Dayton is.   At some point I expect the show to develop his romance with Elasti-Girl.



Doom Patrol 121

First appearance of General Zahl

You can only go so long including Mento before you have to add his nemesis, former Nazi General Zahl.  He has not been announced but one can speculate.


Doom Patrol 14

First apperance of Dorothy Spinner

This is exactly the type of character that a show like this will nail.  She has the power to bring imaginary creatures to  life.  I cannot wait.


Doom Patrol 45

First appearance of Beard Hunter

We are getting a villain who hunts people with beards.  Thank you Mr. Morrision, thank you.



Kill them All

Just when I finally think speculating on optioned graphic novels is often unwise Polar comes out.  Now I just don’t know.  There have been a plethora of optioned comic properties like this over the past few years, some are quite rare but you have to sit on them for a long time.  I mentioned Polar back in 2017 but never expected it to become a 100 bill overnight.   For these to be worth the effort you have to be willing to wait, the print runs should be small and the right platform needs to adapt.   No matter what this is a solid read so I recommend it for that purpose alone.



Sandman the Dreaming 2

First appearance of Judge Gallows

I am not sure why the steady rise in prices for this book.  I can only guess that it has to do with the cult like status of Merv Pumpkinhead.  It could be the stellar cover too.  Thanks to G+ member Jason Sargent for pointing out that is it the first appearance of Judge Gallows.



Cimoc 116

First Foreign appearance of Aliens

This adult foreign mag reprinted DHP 24 for some reason! It is tough to say what Aliens books will move based on the Hulu news.  DHP 24 is the first comic book appearance of the Aliens franchise.  That book isn’t nearly as rare as this one.




Aliens the Illustrated Story

First appearance of the Alien comics, Ripley/Xenomorphs

Despite the horror that was the most recent Alien installment Hulu has announced not one but possibly 2 TV shows!  So far all we know is that one will focus on LV-426.  Alien’s first comic appearance was in Archie Godwin’s modified movie adaptation published by Heavy Metal in 1979.

There are two versions, the Heavy Metal and the Futura. High grade copies are not all that common.

This wasn’t reprinted until 2012 with a different cover by Titan.  There is a signed artist edition.

It was reprinted again in mini format for the Bluray Anniversary Special Edition




Heavy Metal 282 ( all covers )

First appearance of Interceptor

There has been some chatter about sales increasing of Interceptor 1-4.  For fans of Cates don’t forget this one. Not only is it the first appearance of Atomahawk but there is a color preview of Interceptor!  That cover doesn’t hurt either.



Black Widow Forever Red SDCC Chapter Sampler

If the Red Widow is your thing don’t overlook this book and it’s paperback final editions which include reprints of the first and second Red Widow comic with new covers!

This book predtes Mockingbird S.H.IE.L.D. 50th 1 and although it is not a comic book it does have the first comic cover art for Taini.



Queen of Vampires 3 and 6

Every once and a while a like to feature some relatively obscure cover art that I really dig.  This one was done by Christos Martinis who has a limited number of comic covers.  The first pro work by this artist was in Fang which has an incredible Dracula cover.

The Queen of the Vampires mini also has some solid covers by the same artist but issues 3 and 6 stand out.  I want to thank Mel V. of the Unpressable Defects for mentioning the series on the podcast so long ago.  At that time he had spoken about a promo pack for issues 1 and 2 which is a ghost.  The cover to issue was was good enough to get me to check out the rest.  In my opinion issue 6 is gold.


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