Big Barda… and a couple other Female Furies

Not long ago news… well more like rumor I guess, broke that a New Gods movie is in development. Of course people started throwing out spec immediately and since that time there hasn’t been much information.

What was interesting to me is there’s was some solid speculation information initially that should have pointed folks in the direction of legitimate comics worth buying up. Instead it was just a lot of people posting about general New Gods related books which ever possibly won’t jive with the film. Regardless if they are even key or not.

Here’s what I mean, director Ava DuVernay favorite superhero is Big Barda. This was mentioned in most of the articles reporting the development of a New God’s film. That information came from a Reddit post or something. I forget where, but pretty much every article mentioned it. Now weather your a fan of Ava DuVernay work or not. As it stands, she’s directing.  So Big Barda’s the odds on favorite for a major role in the film and this early out, the only New Gods characters who we can bank on will be in the movie… we can’t say that even about DarkseidMister Miracle #4  is her first appearance.

From that we can start making some educated guess at what books could be in play. Barda was the former leader of the Female Furies. Who first appeared in Mister Miracle #6. It’s hard to imagine using the furies and not including Granny Goodness. Who first appeared in Mister Miracle #2. So right from the start, Mister Miracle vol 1 #2, #4 and #6 are going to be good pick ups when you find them cheap with the highest chance of a potential return.

There’s some other Barda and the Furies related books people might want to keep an eye out for. Some of these are going to be long shots.

Birds of Prey issues 103 -106 The covers are cool and they are dollar bin books at most conventions and shows. Big Barda is on the covers, she fights Knock Out in 106 and Harley Quinn even makes a cameo appearance. On a side note, with a Birds of Prey movie also in the works I wouldn’t write off any issues from this run.

Knock Out who is also from Apokolips, so Super Boy #1 and #2 might be worth picking out of dollar bins when you find them.

Now lets go diving into some deep spec. Something we know to be true in the DCU cinematic universe is there is a connection between the New God’s and the Amazons. There’s a bunch of easy spec using that connection… which may or may not pan out initially. However with a lot of spec, it still could eventually or later down the road. Justice League #40, the first appearance of Grail, Darkseid’s daughter… who’s half amazon.

There’s also another bit of really deep spec here, admittedly, it’s a longshot but still very possible when you look at how little the sorce material matters for other DCU films.

As many know, there’s an Amazon known as Artemis. She was apparently cast in the Wonder Woman movie, but didn’t have a major role. To be honest, I don’t even remember her being referred to by name… maybe she was, doesn’t matter. What most people don’t know is there is also a Fury named Artemiz as well. Their names are spelled different but still stem from the greek goddess of the hunt.

There’s a chance that we could see the Female Furies version of the character in a New God’s movie. This version of the character has already made two small screen animated appearance that i’m aware of. This Artemiz first appearance is Suicide Squad Vol 1 #35

I’m sorry, Artemiz no matter how you spell it is just too cool a name not to have a character in a movie. It’s an easy name to remember too… Granted, there are 4 different version of the character… maybe it’s 5… or 6 in the DCU alone, eventually I’ll have to untangle that whole mess for folks. Today however is not that day.

There’s also some other spec, what I typically refer to as Connective Spec potential here. As an example, Superman is established in the cinematic DCU already. So Action Comics 592-593 could also see some action if Superman and Barda both are appearing in a New Gods film. These issues are a trip as you’ll find from the synopsis link I included above.

Another example of Connective Spec would be everyones favorite Harley Quinn whose also been established in the DC cinematic universe already. Harley Quinn Vol1 #7 is a bit of adventure with Barda and Harley drawn by Terry Dodson. So you can’t go wrong with this book regardless.

Our Worlds at War Harley Quinn whatever it’s called special. Harley has a run in with Female Furies in this issue…. While I’m thinking about it, there is a couple of Issues of the current Harley Quinn series where Harley will again tangle with the furies… it’s slatted to come out later this summer… I could tell you the issue numbers, but I shouldn’t have to. Stop being a slacker and start picking up Previews at your LCS for christ sakes.

I’ll admit, many of these comics are longshots, and some are nothing short of a gamble. BUT, there’s a sound logic behind each and every one of them. At the end of the day you have to decide how you want to invest your money in speculation and collecting. Some folks like to gamble on exclusive variants, personally I prefer to buy up long shots out of dollar bins 2 years before other people get wise to them.

One of the hardest things to do is separate the difference between books and characters you like and ones that have any real potential… Something people spec’n on X-force appearing in Deadpool 2 just found out the hard way last weekend.

Till next time.

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