Boston Comic Con 2017

The guys at Fan Expo are back at it again, bringing us their official variants for the Boston Comic Con (August 11-13). Before we take a look at their new variants, though, let me personally recommend this convention. First, it’s the only US convention I’ve ever been to, and I thought it was absolutely the right size and typically has an incredible guest list. It’s not everyday you can talk for a good 15 minutes with Howard Chaykin or watch Shawn McManus talking to Arthur Adams while Joe Kubert (RIP) eats a sandwich in the background. Really looking forward to going back …

Yes, yes, the covers, they’ve just gone on sale at Fan Expo Store (and while you are there, make sure you check their past variants, because there are quite a few and a lot of pretty), so if you like them, you know what to do … We start with two Jusko variants (normal and virgin) for Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1! If the design looks familiar is because Marvel did a full month of these. If you’re going “I knew that already, I got a full set“, well, here’s an extra one!!! And, if when you hear Fan Expo variant, you think Foil cover, you wouldn’t be wrong!!! For this set, they are doing Artgerm’s Robotech cover and it’s going to be absolutely beautiful:

As you would come to expect, we will soon talk about how you can get a set of these puppies for free! Keep an eye on the site early next week and if you’re not sure about going to BCC, I would tell you to do it, cannot recommend it enough!!!

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