Brian Michael Bendis is Now Officially a DC Comics Writer

In November, shockwaves were sent across the comic book industry when it was announced that veteran Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis had signed an exclusive, “multifaceted, multilayered” deal with DC Comics. However, while a scary bout with MRSA means that he’s still wrapping up his Marvel work, Bendis took to social media to reveal that the newest chapter of his career has officially begun.

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“Agent Bendis, reporting for duty,” Bendis tweeted to announce the commencement of his DC contract. Noting his remaining obligations to Marvel, Bendis thanked readers for their support, while also posting some appropriately branded art of himself, drawn by Michael Oeming.

Daniel Craig voice: ‘Agent Bendis, reporting for duty.’ today is the day! I am officially a member of the @DCComics family (I’m still working on my last marvel’s because December was not my friend) thank you all for making this surreal journey so much fun. art by @Oeming


DC followed suit shortly after, taking to Twitter to officially welcome Bendis to his new home by posting of GIF of him in front of the DC logo. However, with Bendis still recovering from his recent illness, this GIF might be from an earlier meeting.

We’re excited to welcome @BRIANMBENDIS to the DC family, and can’t wait to see what he has planned for the DC Universe.

— DC (@DCComics) January 3, 2018

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Apart from Invincible Iron Man #600, which will be his final Marvel issue, Bendis will also have to close out stories with Miles Morales, including both the Spider-Man series and the aftermath of his dealings with Peter Parker in Spider-Men II. He’ll also wrap up his runs on both The Defenders and Jessica Jones, the latter of which already has a female writer lined up for when Bendis departs with the March-scheduled issue #18.

Bendis has written for Marvel for more than 17 years, with the debut of Ultimate Spider-Man in 2000. Invincible Iron Man #598 is scheduled for release in March, meaning issue #600 is likely for release in May 2018.

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