Captains Comic Expo Results

Captains Comics Expo expanded this year to a two day event.  I knew early that I would only be able to attend one day due to other commitments.   So early Saturday morning, the sidekick and I headed to the Omar Shrine Temple in Mount Pleasant.  We arrived early enough to land a primo parking spot.  I paid my $10 entry and expected to be wowed.  I wasn’t wowed.

I am not sure if I built up my expectations too high or if the show was just blah.  Regardless, I still bought books.  Let’s be honest, if I pay $10 to get in somewhere, I am gonna buy books.

I was frugal with my purchases because dealers weren’t dealing.  This is the opening salvo of the convention season.  They have 5-6 months of more shows with more chances to sell their stuff.  I visited with dealers who I have dealt with before.  I knew these guys to be fair in their sales.

Apocalypse Comics – Myrtle Beach

  • Hulk 11 (Phil Noto Variant)
  • GI Joe #1 (RIA variant)
  • GI Joe #6 (RI variant)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #679, 679.1, 680, 681

Richard’s Comics – Greenville

  • Fantastic Four #56

Dave’s Comics – Fort Mill

  • Amazing Spider-Man #265

Rick Fortenberry – Charlotte

  • Strange Tales #128

Rebel Base Comics – Charlotte

  • Star Wars #1 (Store Exclusive)