Casting Call: The Umbrella Academy

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News recently dropped that Ellen Page (Inception, Juno, X-Men franchise) has been cast as Vayna Hargreeves aka The White Violin in the first season of the Netflix TV series, The Umbrella Academy. Personally, I feel this is a great casting and an excellent step toward this comic book adaptations success. She’s got serious acting chops, and its nice to know that Netflix is taking the show seriously by casting a quality actress.

I wrote an article entirely about the Umbrella Academy a few months back, and that will refresh your memory in regards to first appearances and significant happenings as far as speculating goes.

To put it simply, Vayna (00.07) is the outcast of the group of children due to being “extra-ordinary” and not “extraordinary”. She then undergoes a torturous experiment, turning her into the White Violin. She will definitely be the antagonist of the series (first season certainly), and should make for a good one.

This brings me to something I stumbled upon in my personal research. As most of us collectors do, I’ve looked through my collection countless times. As if each time I’m going to find that hidden Action Comics #1 (Ha!). But you do find “stuff” (whatever it may be) from time to time, and I myself spotted an error. In 2008, The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, was released as a collected edition in a trade paperback. The first edition that I have of the TPB (are there more then one?) contains a pretty obvious error. On the second page of the first issue inside the TPB, it is explained that “forty-three extraordinary children were born”. Cut to, the back cover of the TPB, in the synopsis, it states that “forty-seven extraordinary children were born”.

Now this error may not be significant at all, but it could be something to keep an eye on. As stated above, I’m unaware of how many printings the TPB has, but the first edition contains the error. That being said, with the show going to Netflix and it being easily accessible, it will likely cause younger and older readers to pick up the collected edition as oppose to the individual comics. In which case, comic shops and local Barnes and Noble bookstores will likely receive second or third printings of the TPB, where hopefully the error will be corrected. In any case, maybe that becomes something significant in regards to this trade paperbacks value! And if not, read the book anyway because it’s awesome!

Anyway, due to the Ellen Page News, I felt it would be apropos to finish the Umbrella Academy casting call for Netflix. Comment your thoughts below!

Sir Reginal Hargreeves aka The Monocle – David Duchovny

Perhaps I’m still riding high after binge watching Californication, but i feel his age is appropriate. I also believe his smug attitude and arrogance mixed with his monotone voice would be perfect. He is certainly no stranger to television series involving supernatural/superhuman entities!

Luther Hargreeves aka Spaceboy – Jensen Ackles

Another actor that is no stranger to the supernatural (pun intended). I feel he would be a great choice. He’s a cult star in his own right, and has a great look about him. I remember years back, many people were campaigning for him to be Captain America in the MCU.

Diego Hargreeves aka The Kraken – Taylor Kitsch

Hollywood sabotaged Kitsch by giving him the lead in two crazy-high budget films and them both being executed terribly. I think they may both be in the top ten flops of all time (John Carter, Battleship). That being said, I’ve loved Kitsch since The Covenant, and though he may not be a lead man, he is a great supporting actor. He’s got the perfect physique, and actually doesn’t have bad acting chops (see The Bang Bang Club).

Allison Hargreeves aka The Rumor – Natalie Portman

Hands down the most unlikely of the bunch, and bar none the most talented, Portman has been one of my favorite actresses since i started liking girls in the 2nd grade. She would be an awesome Rumor, and she has already played the part of Jackie Kennedy…match made in heaven.

Klaus Hargreeves aka The Seance – Reeve Carney

A relatively unknown actor, he played Dorian Gray in the short lived horror series Penny Dreadful. That particular show didn’t utilize him to his full potential but he still owned most of the scenes he appeared in.

Number 00.05 aka The Boy – Finn Wolfhard

As if i could leave out someone from Stranger Things. This is the most difficult casting as the young actor needs to have some serious chops to have the mannerisms and vernacular that The Boy pulls off. He’s also supposed to be ten years old. Finn turns 15 in December but i think could pull off the look and would be a fair substitution. And although i thought he was a whiny twerp in Stranger Things season 2, i still think he could pull this role off.

Ben Hargreeves aka The Horror – Unknown, much like his character

Perhaps Gerard Way can satiate the thirst we all have for Hotel Oblivion and tell us more about The Horror.

Lastly, Dr. Pogo – This role goes to the master of motion capture; Andy Serkis.

Go outside tonight, just don’t get lost in the lights.

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