CBI Haul 1/21/19


Another week, another series of ramblings in this addition of, random pickups!

Starting off again with some keys to the castle!



Poisoned! Batman #181. 1966. First Poison Ivy. What is this poster that’s referred too so much in this book? It is the centerfold itself! Take a look…



X-Men #100. Classic Homage Cover nomination?  

Did you know? This is the first time Colossus throws Wolverine into battle. The act even has a name; the “fastball special!”



Also, check the last panel. Is that the Phoenix force amidst those flames?



Ms Marvel #1 1977

Ever seen this crease to the cover before? It’s a manufacturing error. I’ve had many copies of this book and the majority of them have it in the same vicinity. As I look around, I am seeing 9.8 CGC copies with the marking. It may be a mark of the time. I recall seeing it on other books from that time.

So don’t let this, beauty mark, deter you from buying, if you’re looking for a high grade copy.



Ms Marvel #2. 1977 – Origin issue alert!

Here is Carol turning into Ms. Marvel for the first time. That’s got to be the blue pill, right?

Also interesting that the pic of her in customer below is almost identical to the one in FOOM 15.




A science experiment gone wrong? “Be careful! His brain is his weapon!”

First Appearance of MODOK is in this book (Tales of Suspense #94, 1967.) It was hot for a while but the public radar seems to have lost sight of it a bit. Does that not translate to, ‘time to buy’?



Taskmaster! This green cover really hits in the eye appeal department, huh? I can see why it’s sought after. What a great display piece!

Cover Art!


Artgerm! I like that the Fallout and Oz are rare. I didn’t see them around much. No, no. Not around much at all!

JSC! Elephantmen #30 isn’t an easy find either.  

More Campbell Soup! Had to pick up another batch of the Mighty Avengers #2 with an all-female exclusive cover from NYCC 2013. They were selling at an all-time low and my thought process for buying was that you can’t keep a good Campbell cover down!

Now, wait just a minute mister! Break in the cover action! In my best Stewie voice… “What do we have inside? Blade is a Spiderman? Why, yes! Yes, he is! Blade is a Spiderman!”



Thanos’ army invades Earth, and it got in the way of what Blade was doing in NY. What was he doing? Visiting Mel to play Red Dead Redemption would be my guess. Ha!

Blade wanted to fly under the radar, so he wore a faux-Spider-Man suit from a superhero costume shop. Blade then became part of the Mighty Avengers team as “Spider Hero.”  

From what I can see, Blade made his first appearance as Spider-Hero in Mighty Avengers #1 from V2 in 2013, though I can’t be certain as I don’t have the issue in hand.


Cool spread of him in here. Who is Shuma-Gorath? I honestly don’t know. Let me look that up.

One moment please…


Shuma-Gorath rules over hundreds of dimensions. He came to Earth millions of years ago and ruled over, well, whoever was there at the time. His main course of choice? Man-flesh!

He, or should I say, “it”,  first appears is in Marvel Premiere #5, 1972, though some sources reference Marvel Premiere #9, 1973.



There’s a digital sticker code to this issue too. Hint, hint, CGC graders and labelers. I’m all for making books that much more rare!



Hughes! So, you want to dissect Catwoman #51? Dissect it like a frog? Why would you want to do that? Let me counter with, why wouldn’t you want to do that?

So, I’m flipping through it and noting some characters of interest. No first appearances, but I did do some fundamental learning. It’s not just reading that’s fundamental!

Deep breath…

Holly Robinson’s in here. Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle trained her and she became the 2nd Catwoman. What book did she first appear in? Glad you asked! From what I see, Batman #404 from the good ‘ole bash brothers year of 1987.

Speaking of baseball, what if? What if you could go back in time and step on your younger self’s baseball cards, then hand yourself some comics, as their/your tears turn to smiles? How about, oh, I don’t know, a $30 Hulk 181? Ha! Thus changing the course of history, and your finances! Don’t get me wrong. Cards are cool, but compared to comics? And their value today? Sheesh!

Anyway, back to Catwoman #51

Karon! Catwoman shared an apartment with her. Karon debuts in Catwoman #6, V3 from 2002.

Let’s see. Who else is in here?

Smart Bomb! Aka Sam Bradley, Jr. He is an undercover cop and the son of “Slam” Bradley. He first appeared in #27 of this series. Pretty cool suit. Probably could use something to cover the top of his head though. Can you imagine Iron Man flying around covered in a full body armored suit, except for the top of his head?



Did you know? Smart Bomb and Catwoman had a baby from a one night stand? Her name is Helena.

Slam Bradley Sr. is actually in this book on the last page. His first appearance? Detective Comics #1… 1937!

New books!


I love, love, love new character debuts!

In Harley Quinn #57, we have…

Mirand’r! Here she is materializing. Or morphing.



Move over, surfboard! Roller skates are the new choice of galaxy gliding!



Not sure if that is her holding the sword in another outfit, or if that’s another character.



Young Justice #1 brings us not only a new GL (Teen Lantern!), but also Jinny Hex!

Speaking of Young Justice, what ever happened to Miss Martian? I thought she was primed to climb another level on the success ladder. Maybe she still is, but her first appearance is still treated like a common near worthless book in many places, I’m seeing.

A couple more random variants


Yo Joe! Another RI from IDW. Bonus points for it being the final issue in the series.

Red She-Hulk #58 – Only a 1:20, but this disappeared, likely due to the success of the 1:50’s.

Superior Foes of Spiderman #1 – This one’s a 1:25, which shouldn’t make it too difficult to track down. Or should it? In any case, I love the 8-bit NES cover. I’ll thank the DuckTales SDCC NES cover for getting me into them.

Brigade! Haven’t been able to track this down until this past week, after quite some time searching for it. Really cool piece, if you’re into hard to track down books.


Can’t get enough of her chilling adventures. And apparently, neither can her fans!

Pre-existing fan base + New hit show + Renewed for multiple seasons + Somewhat low prints + Only 8 books to the 2014 series = safe bet that these will remain hot. I need to abbreviate that into some type of mathematical equation!



More ham??


I’ll leave you with… Spider-ham! Ultimate Spider-ham, that is. Miles Morhames!



Here he is on the final page of Ultimate FF #4



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