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The Umbrella Academy



Normally you only get to stop by the great city once a week, but with the news that dropped yesterday, I figured I’d allow early access.

As most of us are consumed and excited about Spider-Man: Homecoming opening weekend (seeing it tomorrow and can’t wait!), it was reported that The Umbrella Academy is headed to Netflix! If you’re unfamiliar with The Umbrella Academy, go out and buy both TPBs (Apocalypse Suite and Dallas) you will not regret it. There is also supposed to be a third part on the way titled Hotel Oblivion, but that’s yet to be given a release date. This series is easily in my top three best reads of all time, and I can’t explain how excited I am for it to be brought to the small screen, where I think audiences may take to it better then if it were a feature film.

My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way and talented artist Gabriel Ba, brought The Umbrella Academy to life back in 2007. It was a Dark Horse published book, that was popular for a brief period and then flew under the radar. Its exceptional artwork, storytelling, and originality make for an incredibly fun read. There are six issues in each series (along with three short stories before and between) but I’ll only be referring to the issues with the most significance.


*****   If you haven’t read these comics, be warned that the overview below contains spoilers!!!   *****






Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day – This book was published April of 2007 and is the first appearance of the umbrella academy! These were selling like hot cakes on eBay last night and went from a $3 book to a $15-$20 book. Just because it was an FCBD doesn’t mean there are a ton out there either. It was a non mainstream title and many people over looked them.



That brings us to The Umbrella Academy #1 (Apocalypse Suite) – Published in September of 2007, this is one of the few books in the series that has variant covers. There are four in all. There is a James Jean direct cover (he did the entire Apocalypse Suite cover art, none of which I am a fan of). This also happens to be the first appearance Vayna (00.07).



Then we have the 1:10 Gerard Way cover. This is my personal favorite and I think it’s a really good buy at $15-$25.



There’s the limited to 1000 copies #1 with cover art by Gabriel Ba. Another one I enjoy. It’s the most difficult get in the series, and you likely won’t pay any less than $50 for this issue.



And lastly the second print of #1 with cover art also done by Ba.

The Umbrella Academy #2 – Partial origin of 00.05 (arguably the most interesting character in the story)

The Umbrella Academy #3 – First appearance of Dr. Terminus (in a flashback) and first reference to Hotel Oblivion, an inescapable prison for villains on the moon.

The Umbrella Academy # 4 – First appearance and origin of the White Violin.

The Umbrella Academy #5 – “Death” of Pogo.



The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1 – This was published in November of 2008. It has two covers, one by Gabriel Ba and one by Jim Lee. The Jim Lee cover is excellent, and the Dallas storyline is incredible!

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #2 – This is the first appearance of psycho-maniac-freak squad that is Hazel and Cha-Cha. These two characters are outstanding. I think they could develop a following in no time, especially if their past was ever revealed. This also contains the strangely cult and iconic “dancing monkey dressed as Marilyn Monroe panel”. I know… bizarre.

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #3  – Finishes the origin of 00.05

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #4 – “Death” of Hazel and Cha-Cha.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the cover work in the first series (Apocalypse Suite), but Dave Stewart did a great job on the cover art on the second (Dallas). I’m mainly referring to issues #4-#6. So kudos there.

Alright that’s all today…just wanted to drop a line to all you speculators out there. Almost all of these can still be found CHEAP! For now…

As always, ignore the noise. They told you this city was haunted long before you stumbled down that hole.


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