I am happy to present the most recent CBSI HOT 100 Variant List!! This list is based solely on Ratio Incentive Variants, no store variants, no convention promos etc… Some choices were based on perceived heat opposed to recent Ebay sales when close price or demand.

For those not familiar with the original top 100 Variant list compiled by Matt Devoe(CovrPrice, CBSI). CHECK OUT THE 2016 TOP 100 VARIANT LIST HERE!   


100 : Wonder Woman #28 Steampunk 1:25

What used to be a hot variant has all but fallen off this list.  Peaking at a few hundred for raws in 2016/2017, this cool cover from the DC New 52 Steampunk Variant month can now be had for $100.00


99: Divinity #1 Larosa 1:40

Another example of a book that was near impossible to lock down for under 250.00 is now trending towards the 100 range.


98:  Incredible Hulk #100 Turner 1:100

Just making the list, Michael Turner cover with a high ratio during a lower printed period for Marvel, there are certainly copies available tho a 9.8 did end in April for under $100.


97:  Scarlet Spider #1 Venom 1:50

Marvel’s 1:50 Ratio variants seem to be a bit more common than originally thought, come  still command good money others can be had for under 100 raw.  Scarlet Spider has a couple other incentives from this issue, which might have convinced more retailers to push those orders up to hit the 50 mark.


96:  Spawn #229 Sketch 1:25

Same as Marvel’s Venom month, these Spawn 1:25 Sketch covers can get pricey for a few while the rest can be had for around $100.


95:  Spawn #223 Sketch 1:25

Another incentive from a low print run period for Spawn.

94:  Wolverine & The X-Men #4 Venom 1:50

Another from Marvel’s Venom Variant run, this can be caught in auction for a touch above $120 or so, tho slabbed 9.4s or nicer will cost a premium.

93:  Salvation Run #7 Adams 1:10

“Amazing Joker cover and low print run! All the Salvation Run comics had a print run of under 30k, and #7 comes in at a little under 28,000 printed. That means there are a little under 3,000 of these out there. Good luck in finding any at all. There is currently one on the bay as I type this, with a BIN of $50. My guess is it will be gone soon. Looking at completed listings, someone got a great deal with a BIN of $5.99” – Jason Shaw, Covers from the Unknown article on CBSI from 2015


92:  Moon Knight #1 Granov 1:50

Another Marvel variant that hovers in that $120+ range, gotta wonder what a Moon Knight movie or show appearance would do to some of these higher ration MK variants…


91:  Captain America #7 Venom 1:50

150 will secure a nice raw NM or so copy of this book, a 9.8 CGC did end for a little over $300 earlier in late May.


90:  Thunderbolts #5 Tan 1:50

By issue 5 of most new comics, stores have cut their orders, not sure how many places could have really been ordering 50+ copies of Thunderbolts, this is a couple hundred bucks if you can find one.


89:  He-Man Masters of the Universe #1 Dodson 1:25

Both the 2012 and this 2013 #1 variant do very well and are seemingly rare.  There has been repeated auctions for a CGC 9.6 on Ebay tho it seems no one is willing to pay that price right now.


88:  Red She Hulk #58 Horn 1:50

These comics were not really talked about much until a few years back when the price starting going nuts on most issues.  A few have calmed back down, while others appear to be real ghosts.


87:  Marvel Hidden Gem variants

Too many options and too few sales, these 1:100, 1:200 and 1:500 variants are almost all under ratio with the exception of the Xmen #4 1:100.  Cool bonus but the demand seems limited.


86:  Marvel “Remastered Variants”

Same as the Hidden Gem, for the most part these 1:1000s are cool but no one wants to pony up the big bucks.   Lots of options here, prices are all over the place here, folks seem to like the Venom and Immortal Hulk the most.


85:  X-23 #15 Marvel 75th 1:50

Though I don’t think there are a ton of these out there, they can be scored in auction with a 9.8 ending in late April for over 350 a month later someone nabbed a 9.8 for $266.


84:  Spider-Women Alpha #1 Lee 1:25

Raws are fetching a couple hundred, 9.8s have been just under 500 and then more recently another 9.8 sold for 500 in a fixed price setting.


83:  Tsum Tsum #4 Johnson 1:25

I wouldn’t know what this book was if not for Mighty Mel V who spent a long time chasing one down.  The only completed sale recently is a 9.8 CGC that got almost $300.  That could have been a deal for someone if it turns out that these are as rare as folks project.


82: Red She Hulk #62 Lightle 1:50

Another from the impossible Red She Hulk run of variants.  Zero completed sales, a single copy up for a bold $800, I imagine this falls more in the 200 range if brought to auction unslabbed.

81:  Spawn #221 Sketch 1:25

Amazing Fantasy #15 homage covers almost always do well, they do especially well when they are an incentive from Image when almost no one was ordering 25 or more copies of Spawn.  Not sure if the Mexican edition will have an effect on the prices of the originals or not, the sketch covers in general seem pretty rare.


80:  Spawn #220 Sketch 1:50

Multiple variants for issue 220, including a 1:25 sketch of the regular cover.  This Youngblood homage is among the toughest to find from this homage variant run.


79:  Batgirl #28 Steampunk 1:25

There was a point in 2017 when this as well as a handful of other variants peaked, this seems to have stalled out with a few available copies online with asking prices from 4-800 bucks…  The market seems very disinterested at these prices, hopefully some auctions shed some light on the pricing of this comic.


78: Avengers #21 Venom 1:50

Both this and the New Avengers 21 seem to still do fairly well fetching a couple hundred in high grade, tho someone got a steal on a copy from Canada for 50 dollars in early May…

77: New Avengers #21 Venom 1:50

With no completed listings this is only available in buy it now format for several hundred, this seems to be one of the shorter printed of the Venom Variant covers of 2012.


76:  All-New Ghost Rider #1 Moore 1:50

Recent new of Robbie Rey being the Ghost Rider headed to Hulu sent this book shooting up.  What could be had for under 100.00 pre-news, will cost you double or more now.



Tune in next week for the next installment of the CBSI HOT 100 VARIANT LIST, as we continue to count down towards #1!! 


Have any of these variants? Think I got this wrong? Let your voice be heard with a comment below! 


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