The list continues!  Don’t agree, have some of these in your collection?  Let your voice be heard and comment below!! 


25:  She Hulk #1 Oum 1:100

This book was an absolute ghost in 2016 and seems to still be 3 years later.  One raw copy hit Ebay and was taken up close to 400.00.  Siya Oum seems to be one of those artists who could really explode as more and more people become familiar with her art.  If that happens this will be the book to own by a mile.

24:  Hellboy the Fury #3 Mignola 1:X

Rumor on this book is that it was an incentive where store owners needed to purchase some % of the copies of issue 1 they ordered?  Confusion or not, this is an incredibly tough book and 500.00 give or take.


23:  Ghost Rider #1 Adams 1:50

Another book with very little sales history.  This book rarely comes to market, there are not copies sitting on shelves, dealers are not holding it back in hopes of a spike, this book has been chased for the last 6 years and very few have surfaced in that time.  There is a single copy up on ebay for 850 or best offer.  I can honestly say I don’t know if it is too overpriced.


22:  All New Marvel Point One #1 McNiven 1:75

Once the market settled on this being the first “full” appearance of the new Ms Marvel(Kamala Khan) copies went from a couple hundred to better than double that.  No completed sales in recent history with a few high priced “buy it nows” on Ebay


21:  Uncanny X-Men #500 Turner 1:200

The last cover that Turner completed had a 1:200 Sketch Variant.  I honestly believe the color variants are more popular than sketch otherwise this book would command more than the 300 to 500 bucks it gets now.


20:  Spawn #227 1:25 McFarlane Sketch

The hottest(and hardest to find) McFarlane Sketch cover from the run of 220-231 in which McFarlane did an homage cover for each issue, some after his own work.  All had 1:25 Incentive Sketch versions, but this was during a real small print period for the title.  This is beyond a ghost of a book and real money comes to the table when this shows up at market.


19: Venom #1 McFarlane 1:1000
The exception to the “1:1000 Marvel Variant” grouping earlier in this list.  I get that it’s a 1:1000 and its Todd, but I just don’t see the 500.00 this brings in auction.  So many better covers you could be spending that money on.
18:  Iron Man #512 Stroman 1:50

I was surprised to see this comic consistently gets in the 500.00 range when sold.  Its an amazing cover and a high ratio variant from a small print run era for Iron Man, guess that’s enough to command those prices.


17:  Supergirl Legion of Superheroes #23 Hughes 1:10

This was the first Hughes variant to really explode during the 2014-2016 “Variant Price Boom” when the market was taking on a lot of new variant collectors.  Arguably the best AH cover out there, it’s at least the most “classic” feeling.


16:  Ultimate FallOut #4 Djurdjevic 1:25

A true modern key with a sold variant featuring the 1st appearance of Mile Morales as the new Spider-Man.  The animated “Edge of the Spiderverse” film took this book from a hot book to an easy pick for the top 20 variants.


15:  Spider Gwen Ghost Spider #1 Hyung 1:100

Not sure how scarce this one actually is, lots of folks want to own one.  An easy 500 bucks raw, 9.8s could be a good long term investment.


14:  Amazing Spider-Man #25 Romita 1:1000

Prices seem to be coming down to earth on this, the last 3 raws sold for over 1K in March, then 742 in March again, then 560 in mid May.  Even with declining prices, I can see this stabilizing as copies can not really be abundant.

13:  Amazing Spider-Man Presents Black Cat #1 Campbell 1:50

At the top of most Campbell fan’s list you will find this rare comic.  Like him or not, JSC commands a lot of money for his high ratio books, this is the top female cover by him.


12:  Ms Marvel #2 Molina  1:50

Another example of a high ratio variant on a non key issue of a new title.  While shops bought heavily into the first issue, the 2nd issue is always a much lower print run.  Matt Devoe said in 2016 he thought this could be a Top 10 variant at some point and he was not far off.  450.00 was the avg raw price in 2016, the last 2 raws on ebay sold for $565 and $659.


11:  Teen Titans #75 Hughes 1:25

This is the top Adam Hughes book on the list and the chase book for all those AH fans looking to finish their collection.  What was a few hundred bucks raw a few years ago has doubled in price.  9.8s of this might be a very wise investment for those looking to play with variants.


10:  Amazing Spider-Man #700 Ditko 1:200

Ditko cover on the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man which boasted a 7.99 cover had the market guessing as to how heavily this would be ordered.  Lots of Stan Lee SS CGC Slabs on ebay, I think that would be a cool way to own this, tho raw copies still do very well.


9:  Rick & Morty #1 Roiland 1:50

I didn’t get it when I first saw this comic and the price it was fetching from Keith S and his Variant Heat Check on the site…  Rick and Morty fans are HUNGRY for R&M collectibles.  After seeing what happened with the szechuan sauce at McDonalds, I get it and the 600.00 raw copies being bought up as well as a 9.8 for $1800…  I think it’s crazy, but I get it…


8:  X-23 #1 Dell Otto 1:50

The last of the X-23 covers on this list.  No raw copies have been sold though a handful of 9.8s that have consistently brought over 1600.00.


7:  Vader Down #1 Zdarsky 1:4999

The highest ratio Marvel I have ever seen.  I think its a terrible cover tho raws will cost you around a grand…


6:  Edge of Spiderverse #2 Land 1:25

Raw high grade copies averaging 800 bucks, 9.8s breaking the 2K barrier, this book is a monster, a book that many missed the boat on, and arguably the book with the most future potential.


5:  Siege #3 Campbell 1:X

According to Recalled Comics, retailers had to send Marvel 50 unsold copies of the DC BLACKEST NIGHT Crossover for 1 Siege #3 Deadpool Variant…  Numbers have to be minuscule on this variant.


4:  Wolverine #1 Campbell 1:X

Same sort of deal as the Siege #3 tho this time retailers were sending in a certain number of Marvel Comics covers to get a copy.  Both are strange incentives, but made the list all the same.


3:  Captain Marvel #1 Conner 1:30

Its arguable that the 2 JSC Deadpool variants could have beaten out this pick.  Near Impossible to find this 1:30 had a Euro “foil variant” made of it which sold for huge money as well.  Retailers were struggling to hit a lot of random 1:25s for established titles, I dont know how many went and ordered 30 copies of this Captain Marvel from 2012.


2:  Amazing Spider-Man 678 Quinones 1:50

For a short time and before the Dell Otto cover was brought to light(and auction)this was the most expensive variant known in comics. There are a lot of folks out there putting together COMPLETE runs of Amazing Spider-Man.  Thats what drives the price on some of high ration ASMs on the list, but there are also folks who collect rare, or Venom, or even MJ covers and this lands on all of those lists.  Both high grade raw copies as well as CGC 9.6s are ending for over 2K which suggests folks don’t actually care about the 9.4/9.6 line as much as they just want to own this comic.


1: Amazing Spider-Man #667 Dell Otto 1:100

Some things will never change…  This seems like one of them. In 2016 the price of raws was between 2K and 2500…  Most recent ebay sales show a 9.6 that ended just under 10K but did not meet the reserve and a pair of raws that broke the 5K mark, tho were from a UK seller who seemed to have relisted perhaps due to non payment?  Either way this wild mix of a 1:100 during one of the lowest print run periods in Spidey history has every run maker fighting for any copy that hits the market.


That concludes this latest CBSI HOT 100 VARIANT LIST, thanks to everyone who read, commented or shared this with others.  Check back next week for the “honorable mentions” list.


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