The list continues!  Don’t agree, have some of these in your collection?  Let your voice be heard and comment below!! 



75:  Guardians of the Galaxy #4 Campbell 1:50

Another high ratio Campbell variant that brings in 150-200 dollars raw.  The jump to a 9.8 slab seems worth it if you can grab them at current market which is 250-300.

74:  SPIDER-WOMAN #1 Manarara 1:50

The famous cover that had Marvel cover the original with a censoring Spider-Woman logo.  Honestly not my favorite Manara, but I understand the draw…


73:  DAREDEVIL #600 Miller 1:1000

These super high ratio sketch variants seem to suffer a lot from lack of demand despite what has to be a somewhat small print run.  You can grab yourself a copy for around 200 on any give day.


72:  Spawn #230 Sketch 1:25

Again I stress that scarcity of these books, when print runs are low, you have to imagine there were very few stores ordering 25+ copies of Spawn, despite this homage run celebrating McFarlane’s return to Writing and doing covers for his series.

71:  Wonder Woman #600 Hughes Sketch & Color

While the color is a 1:50 and the Sketch being a 1:100, these bring close to the same amount in auction and fixed price when sold, tho there does seem to be more interest in the color version of this tough to find part of DC’s 75th Anniversary celebration with their homage covers.


70:  Uncanny X-men #510 Campbell 1:15

One of the first Campbell variants I ever saw, courtesy of Variant Heat Check author Keith S.  Years back this book could be found for 50.00 and was not that well known.  Now this is a must have for all JSC fans and brings in an easy 200(outside the mid grade copy that someone scooped up for 70 bucks.


69:  Batman #1 New 52 Sketch 1:200

A classic time in Modern Batman comics, this 1:200 kicked off the fan favorite Capullo / Snyder run and tho it has come down from previous high in 2016 of 400.00 average for a raw copy, you can now grab yours for a couple hundred.


68:  Spider-Gwen #16 Johnson 1:50

There has been a fair amount of these that have come to market in the last 3 months, while some ended in the low 100s, there were multiple sales far higher.


67:  JIM LEE 1:1000 Remastered Variants

Color editions of Xmen Blue and Gold as well as color and Sketch versions of Captain America #700 all command respectable money though there are also plenty available online.


66:  Red Hood the Lost Days #1 Mattina 1:10

9.6 slabs are getting less than they were when Matt Devoe reported on this book in 2016,  Raws were commanding over 400 when this book first took off, now still doing well, but more in the 250 range.


65:  Uncanny X-force #20 Renaud 1:50

9.4 and 9.6 slabs are ending between 200 and 400 bucks, while a lone 9.8 sold for over 1200.00!


64:  Deadpool #45 Marvel 75th Horn 1:50

Another book that is down to about half of its 2016 value in raw with copies fetching a couple hundred bucks.


63:  Morbius The Living Vampire #3 Coker 1:50

Really tough book to find, a single copy has ended on ebay in the last few month and it was a VF/VF+ copy.  Would be interesting to see what a slabbed 9.6 or 9.8 would bring in.


62:  Spawn 231 Sketch 1:25

The last of the 1:25 Sketch variants with McFarlane doing homage covers of his previous classic covers.

61:  Conan the Barbarian #1 Hildebrandt 1:500

Best known for their work on Star Wars as well as the Marvel Masterpieces sets, Greg Hildebrandt was commissioned for the return of Conan to the Marvel Universe.  Surprisingly large number of these have sold recently, averaging around 200 bucks.


60: Winter Soldier #1 Dell Otto 1:50

One of many super low print Dell Otto variants, a 9.8 recently sold for $500.00 with a CGC and CBCS 9.8 sitting in fixed price format on ebay for around $650.00


59:  Red She Hulk #60 Stevens 1:50

2 copies of this have come to market in the last 3 months, one ending for 250 the other 300 bucks.

58:  The Incredible Hulks #635 Granov 1:25

What was about a $100.00 book 3 years ago is now three times that.  One of the rarer 1:25 variants from Marvel to find…


57:   Spawn #226 Sketch 1:25

Again like the Marvel Venom Variants, these McFarlane doing McFarlane covers from one of the lowest print run periods in the title, Incredible Hulk #340 had gained a lot of heat in the last few years, so has this homage to it.


56:   Star Wars Force Awakens Adaptation #1 Quesada 1:300

A few hundred dollars for one of the most expensive Star Wars Variant(not including the .35 Test Price Variant issues)…


55:  Adventure Comics #515 (#12) Bermejo 1:25

Not that well known until a few years back when Ven Denby ran an article showcasing the DC 75th Anniversary Variants, this saw a fair number of copies hit Ebay only to disappear into collections, you can expect to spend at least a few hundred bucks when this comes to market.


54:  Superior Spider-Man #20 Campbell 1:50

A few hundred dollars is the average raw for this Campbell variant.  Also another comic that has gotten the Mexico edition treatment.

53:  Harley Quinn #1 Hughes 1:100

Both Mexico and German variants of this book, this was pretty heavily ordered to hit this incentive, raw copies still bring in 150-300 on Ebay.


52:  Spawn 228 Sketch 1:25

McFarlane doing Joe Shuster, only a couple sold recently one for 230 one for 299, both high grade raw.


51:  Avengers Assemble #13 In-Hyuk Lee 1:50

Another case of a nice cover meets a non key mid number issue of a run.  Raw copies sold for 200 recently and 300 back in early April.



Tune in next week for the next installment of the CBSI HOT 100 VARIANT LIST, as we continue to count down towards #1!! 


Have any of these variants? Think I got this wrong? Let your voice be heard with a comment below! 


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