1st Appearance Phoenix

October 1976 saw the debut of Phoenix as well as Black Tom(first full if you count the 3 panels he is in the shadows in issue 99).  Prices have jumped since the movie announcement tho you can still grab this Bronze Age key in 9.4 for under 1K, on the other hand the price jumps to 1500 for a 9.6 with 9.8’s commanding 4200 or more.


1st Appearance Dark Phoenix

At the end of this issue, Jean Grey becomes the Dark Phoenix after driving Mastermind insane.  This starts off one of the top Xmen arcs from any period.  Raw high grade copies can be found for under $100 while slabbed 9.6’s are fetching around $300.


Death of Jean Grey

Jean Grey regains control long enough to sacrifice herself after asking Cyclops to end her since she could not resits the Phoenix Force.  9.6 slabs are just over the $100 mark, while high grade raw copies are very affordable.


1st Appearance Phoenix II (Rachel Summers)

Part 1 of the 2 part Days of Future Past story line, taking 33 years in the future Rachel Summers makes her first appearance.  Rachel would later host the Phoenix Force.


Xmen #101 Homage

The man who helped save the Xmen and contributed to some of the best stories, Dave Cockrum created this homage to his own Xmen #101 cover.  While prices were at the $150 mark for the 2 copies that sold on ebay in March and April, the last 2 copies that ended in May sold for closer the to $250 mark.

Phoenix Resurrection Return of Jean Grey #1 Byrne Remastered 1:1000

Virgin Variant

Another legendary Xmen artist, John Byrne did this cover for Marvel in 2018.  While there is also a 1:2000 Sketch Variant, they seem to fetch close to the same 50-70 bucks.

Phoenix Resurrection Return of Jean Grey #1 JSC 8 Cover set

Campbell Variant Set

Showing off various styles Jean Grey/Phoenix had over the decades, I believe this set was only available on the JSC site for preorder.  Singles bring in 40-50 but are a slow sell, a complete set brought in about $250 in a fixed price best offer setting.

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