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Who wants ice cream?  How about 2nds? Welcome to my entry into the CBSI Writer wars! My name is Chris. This article will concentrate on 2nd appearances and 2nd prints.  I bring to you 6 books that have a “2nd” attached to the comic. Remember to buy what you can live with!


My first book is All New Wolverine #2 2nd print.  This book has the 1st appearance of Honey Badger. It is written by Tom Taylor.  The interior artwork is drawn by David Lopez. The cover art on both books is drawn by Bengal.  This book has sold for more than the 1st print. Why? Because people like color changes to the title and smaller print runs.


                      2nd print                                                  1st print


My opinion about the second print of this book is that a color swap and smaller print run should not mean a significant increase in price for this book.  But I am from the old school of thought. Guide states that the 1st print is $35 and the 2nd print is $40. Raws of the 1st print are going for $50 Ebay. Raws of the 2nd print are going for $40 on Ebay.  (I guess the market is starting to agree with me.) Personally, I want a different flavor of ice cream. I remember when 2nd print raws were going for $100 on Ebay.


Next up is Amazing Spider-Man #135.  This is the 2nd FULL appearance of the Punisher and Tarantula.  It has a classic cover of two characters, that are adored by fans, with artwork credited to John Romita Sr.  It is written by Gerry Conway. Is this book undervalued or overvalued?

    2nd full appearance of Punisher


In my opinion, this book is undervalued compared to the first appearance.  ASM #129 guides for $2,000 in near mint. Raws on Ebay start at $1,125 in very fine and go up from there.  ASM #135 guides for $180 in near mint. Raws on Ebay start at $75 in very fine and go up from there. I would take two scoops of that.  At the time of this writing, I could not find any listings in near mint for ASM #129 or #135 that were not way out of line with guide.


I didn’t forget about you DC fans!  I bring you Justice #5 2nd print. This book contains no 1st appearances.  The book is written by Jim Krueger. The interior artwork was drawn by Doug Braithwaite.  Both of the covers are drawn by Alex Ross. This book sells for more than the 1st print. The 1st print is a Wonder Woman cover and the 2nd print is a Captain Marvel cover.

Shazam!  Both books are beautiful, but that Captain Marvel cover is just WOW!  That’s a wall book if I ever saw one. Both books guide for $3.50. 1st prints are available on Ebay starting at $5.  There are two 2nd prints available on Ebay between $50.00 and $99.99. Sold listings for the 2nd print are between $20 and $80.  I believe the Captain Marvel movie will drive the price of the 2nd print up. Can you still find this book in back issue bins? I’d take two scoops of both books just based on the cover art alone.


Next up DC fans is Aquaman #42 which contains the 2nd appearance of Black Manta.  It is written by Steve Skeates. Interiors are drawn by Jim Aparo. Cover art is drawn, beautifully I may add, by Nick Cardy.  Nick Cardy doesn’t get talked about enough.

2nd appearance of Black Manta

Aquaman #35 (1st appearance of Black Manta) guides for $800 while Aquaman #42 guides for $85.  CGC’d very fine copies of Aquaman #35 are selling for above guide in near mint. This book is setting new records in near mint.  Aquaman #35 is a hot book. Aquaman #42 can be had for $100 and up on Ebay. This book has a superior cover and I feel it has room to grow.  I would take a scoop of this any day.


I love independents and I hope you do too!  I bring you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4 2nd print by Mirage Studios.  Writing and art are by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. This book contains no 1st appearances.  This book is a recoloring of the first print.









   1st print                                            2nd print

TMNT #4 1st print guides for $105.  Ebay sales of this printing are $130 and up.  TMNT #4 2nd print guides for $15. Ebay sales of this printing are selling between $25 and $70.  The 2nd print has a superior cover due to the additional coloring. It has been used in advertising TMNT products.  But, wait, there’s more?!? The 2nd print was printed with an additional short story at the end of the book. What? That means I have to buy both!  Other printings of TMNT books are discussed by Mark Pellegrini here.  Enjoy your scoops of ice cream TMNT fans!


Invincible is a series that has no movie/tv speculation.  Invincible #2 is littered with 1st appearances. However, it is the 2nd appearance of Mark Grayson (Invincible).  This issue is written by Robert Kirkman. Cover art and interior artwork is drawn by Cory Walker.

2nd appearance of Mark Grayson

Invincible #1 guides for $350 while Invincible #2 guides for $40.  You can find copies of Invincible #1 in near mint for $300 and up on Ebay.  Invincible #2 starts at $100 on Ebay. Ebay sales of Invincible #2 are between $80 and $100.  As of this writing, there are more copies of Invincible #1 than Invincible #2. What is driving the sales behind this issue and why does there appear to be less quantity than #1.  Does the other 1st appearances in Invincible #2 drive sales in this book? Some answers may appear here.  I’d take a scoop just for the speculation alone.


Hulk #181 is selling on Ebay for $10,000 in 9.4 and Hulk #182 is selling on Ebay for $450.  That’s about a 95% value difference between a 1st and 2nd appearance. Iron Man #55 is selling on Ebay for $2,450 and Captain Marvel #25 is selling on Ebay for $220. That’s about a 91% difference. So, for the differences of 1st and 2nd appearances, within the article, that leaves Punisher with 94%, Black Manta with 55%, and Invincible with 67%.  I believe all of these books have room for growth. But, ASM #135 has the biggest potential in short term value growth from these numbers. Aquaman #42 is already seeing rapid growth due to the movie.  Invincible #2 is showing a medium growth that’s from the animated movie speculation or a strong fan base. I hope you enjoyed this piece! I really believe this should have been two different articles… but I thought I’d shove 2 ideas into one article.


– Christopher Price


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