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There is some amazing content on CBSI, thinking of an article I’d want to write and read wasn’t that easy. However, as I thought it over I wanted to focus on what I call obvious investing. Now you might be asking yourself, well Captain Obvious, by definition obvious is something that’s…. well obvious and doesn’t need further explanation.  Well wise reader, I would agree with you to a point.


Let me give you this example, take the stock market, everyone wants to get that next big thing that’s not taken off and sure you might strike gold once in awhile, but 5 years ago if you had purchased one share each of Apple, Amazon and Netflix you would have made $4,562 which would have been a 346% return on your investment. Now 5 years ago these stocks weren’t a secret anymore and carried relatively low risk at buy in.

Amazon was already actively taking over retail, Iphones weren’t going away anytime soon and even my grandmother had Netflix at that point. Is it really that easy, yeah, actually it kind of is! Now no doubt I’m sure some Wall Street tycoon types made thousands more on their penny stock investments in this time, but the average joe with very little intel could have had very successful investments over the last 5 years by investing in the fairly obvious.


Going back to comics, there are plenty of these type of investing opportunities out there that carry minor risk on investment and should yield high reward in just a few years or less.  Case in point, way back in 2011 Kevin Feige had been telling us T’challa was coming to the MCU, there were updates and tons of information out there telling us we would get to the Black Panther movie.

It was a pretty safe bet that the 1st appearance would be a good buy years ago, but it took until an official cast announcement and trailer to make the book really pop. Now here we are in 2018 with the 1st appearance pulling in a cool grand in mid grade and a whole lot more cash in higher grade. This pattern has been repeated over and over, Avengers #1 was obvious for years as well and now its out of reach of most collectors at this point.

So let’s get to it, this column is about Comics You Should Buy – C.Y.S.B.. I’m going to point out several books that have low risk buy in today and I expect will double and triple in value over the next few months/years and yield sweet rewards.



Silver Age

Fantastic Four #50 – 3rd Appearance of Silver Surfer

CGC 7.0 $325

Hot damn, I like me some Silver Surfer – this really is the first Silver Surfer centric cover that really shows him in all his shining naked silver glory and to boot its on a sweet doo doo brown cover! The silver age was a glorious time. Let’s get the obvious out of the way, Fantastic Four has a new home and Surfer will clearly be part of whatever crazy inter-dimensional plans Kevin Feige has for the next phase of the MCU.

This book in a reasonable silver age grade of CGC 7.0 has been selling on eBay for just about $325, just for comparison sake consider a #48 1st appearance will set you back a cool $2,000 for the same grade and Silver Surfer #1 CGC 7.0 will cost you $650+. Another thing to consider, according the CGC census 1,621 FF #50s graded compared to 3,453 and 4,668 FF #48.

So graded FF #50 isn’t showing up in large quantities these days.  I expect all these key Surfer books to keep going up, but I’ve got to think FF #50 has the best buy in right now and has plenty of room to grab hold and become a must own when the Surfer takes his place in the MCU.

Keep in mind the Surfer in the mid-late 90s was frequently outselling the likes of Captain America, Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Dr Strange and Black Panther – the Surfer can and will be a hot commodity sooner than later.


Bronze Age

X-Men Giant Size #1 1975

Lower to Mid Grades $550-650


This book isn’t cheap by any means, most of us will probably have to strain our budget at the current buy in, but I dare say that it’s still well undervalued when you consider that recently you could grab a CGC 4.0 for $545 and the same grade in Hulk #181 is $2,000. Now it will never top #181, but this book is truly the beginning of the X-men universe that we know and love, plus you’ve got the first appearances of significant characters like Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and the 2nd full appearance of Wolverine .

The X-men property is already huge, it will clearly continue to grow and prosper under Disney as the characters are developed into the MCU and more importantly utilized extensively in the Disney streaming service that will need loads of content.  This book in even low grade is heading to $1,000 and well above in a very short period of time, get it before it’s too late.


Copper Age

Sandman #1 1st Morpheus

VF/NM Raw $65


A book that seems to go up and down every few years depending on movie/tv news, currently a raw VF/NM can be had for about $65 on eBay. Recently Vertigo got back into the Sandman business and this could be a sign of more things to come with this complex and multi-layered universe that will eventually land on a small or big screen once the right production group gets the rights to this property.

I think Preacher #1 is probably a reasonable comparison for future spec, right now that book has simmered down, but when serious news broke on the TV show that book in raw was going for over $250. I think we can expect the same for Sandman once its time comes.


Modern Age

Maximum Carnage #1 1994 Acclaim Promotional Comic

VF/NM $75-125


Carnage books are exploding all over the place, with the Venom movie just days away everyone is speculating on Carnage showing up in the movie or at least some sort of lead into a future appearance. With recent opening weekend projections tracking at a October record of $60M+ box office, it’s looking very likely that we will be seeing more of the Sony Spidey Universe and it’s only a matter of time before Carnage gets to paint the town red .

Movie news aside, Carnage feels like an obvious character that Marvel will be pushing more of as Venom is so hot and it just makes sense. Released in 1994 as part of the promotion for the Acclaim Maximum Carnage video game this book is on the rare side and by the looks of most copies for sale it looks like not too many of these saw a good bag n’ board, but then again those were the grunge years. While not nearly as nice as the Nabisco Wolverine promotional comic, the CGC census has only 30 copies of Maximum Carnage on record compared to the Nabisco promo having 508 graded copies.

This one isn’t easy to find in a nice grade, but if you can snag one at VF or better you’ll have yourself a nice play in the Carnage spec game.



Fantastic Four #1 Sienkiewicz Store Exclusive

NM Raw $40


Get out of here, this thing is unreal, Sienkiewicz and DOOM! I love it, little known fact… there ain’t many Doom variants in the world. Why no love for the Doom? I don’t know, the dude’s 1st appearance in the poorest of conditions will cost you a Rolex. Oh wait… now I remember, he was criminally portrayed in some awful movies.

Something tells me with the Thanos blueprint in hand now we will get the cinematic Doom we know and love. This bad boy was limited to 1,500 copies, it was originally $20 on Bill’s site, but on eBay it can be had for about $40. Maybe it’s just me, but this gives me similar feels to the amazing Sienkiewicz Moon Knight #1 variant that will set you back several large bills these days.


Well people thats its, thanks for hanging in there with me, good luck out there in the streets and as DJ Quik used to say “If it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make sense”. Hopefully, Mr. Quik has received an honorary doctorate or something of that ilk for his profound economic advice.  



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