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Greetings from the Big Apple. It is me your boy. Blind Adam. The master of the infamous pimphand of doom. Please join me my CBSI family. Join me on a trip to “Cost Play-Ville”. Cosplay is a very important part of this industry. People that Cosplay put a lot of work into their costumes. They travel the nation taking pictures showcasing their talents they are awesomesauce.  The next time you’re at a convention and you get a picture with a deadpool a Harley Quinn or a Spider Gwen tip them a dollar or two. If you were at scores we would remind you that our girls work on tips and tips alone so why should it be any different for a hard working Cosplayer ? In today’s pimphand of doom. I wanted to highlight some comics that could see a bomb in price due to Cosplay as well as some other random books that I feel are underrated and undervalued. Remember if a dude in a cookie monster costume asks if you want a picture with him in times square just say no that guy is a drunk and your ten dollars is better spent on street pretzels and fake designer handbags #testify. Now let’s get into this party mix shall we?

  1. Gwenom. Ghost spider or spider Gwen is the third most Cosplayed female in comics today. And with marvel rising and enter the spider verse I think she can really become the next Harley Quinn just remember what Cosplay did for Harley Quinn. Venom hits theaters in October. Anything venom is super-hot. If her venom becomes a thing witch I think it will be. Then why not gwenom the spider Gwen venom mash up. Gwenom first appeared in guardians of nowhere #1. As variant cover and as a real thing in spider Gwens #24-26. There is a gwenom costume for sale online so I can her showing up at more convention.
  2. 2 Gwen Stacey variants. I would love to see every version of Gwen be Cosplayed.The clone the classic silver age spider Gwen Gwen Stacey is the best lady in Spiderman’s life #testify but while dead pool secret secret wars #2& guardians of nowhere #1 get all the glory back in 2015 there were other Gwen variants and they are super cheap books like black widow #19 a mix of Gwen and black widow that could be Cosplayed right now. future imperfect #1 Gwen cover wow did secret wars 2015have a ton of tie ins &secret wars 2015 #3 Gwen variant amazing Spiderman s#143-144 are the first Gwen Stacey clone and spectular Spiderman annual #8 is her reintroduction .
  3. Not a Cosplay all-star but a book I like is secret wars 2015 #8 the final issue of this massive event book. It ties into Dan slots fantastic four say what you want about Dan slots believes or his hit and miss Spider-man run but the first two issues of the fantastic four were great and his run ties into this issue so does the current marvel town and one and it is cheap
  4. Showcase 94 #5 this can be found in dollar boxes maybe $3-5 tops. Features the huntress. The huntress needs more Cosplay love. She was in that 2003 live action birds of prey live action show. There is a new birds of prey movie in the works and she was amazing on arrow but her comics are so cheap especially the huntress  #1-19, #18-19 have print runs under 10,000 and are $5 at most snag them now
  5.   Poison Ivy. Poisin ivy has become hot and in more ways than one as of late. Between Cosplay as she is in the top ten Cosplay females in the industry and shows like Gotham the D.C. streaming network playing all the classic shows the games ivy is hot three books to keep your radar on are supermans girlfriend Lois lane #115 witch is her third appearance first out of a batman comic. Gotham girl’s #1-5 Harley Quinn and all the Gotham girls’ low print under rated and undervalued with great covers & Harley Quinn #4 2000 series the Harley ivy pillow fight cover. the three issue Harley ivy miniseries is a great series as well
  6.   detective comics #373 mini comic promo reprint wow didn’t realize this was even made. This is the comic where dr. zero becomes Mr. freeze a tough reprint to find in the wild
  7.   alter ego magazine #16 captain marvel cover by Alex Ross. Alex ross captain marvel equals money that is all
  8.   detective comics #860 Alex ross batwoman variant I believe once the bat woman show drops on the c.w. we will see a lot more bat woman Cosplay. I do believe the show will use this detective comics run for the source material along with the new 52 series this Alex Ross cover is sweet and with the buy in
  9.   action comic’s #1 nestley quick reprint 1983. Wow action comics #1 has a ton of reprints. there is a sleeping bag a safeguard the peanut butter yes superman had his own peanut butter in the eighties I like this one because a drug dealing cartoon rabbit made me mail in coupons to get it that darn drug dealing cartoon rabbit
  10.   who INS in a steal cage match between the trix rabbit and the nestle quick rabbit?? I go with the trix rabbit. the adventures of the nestle quick rabbit #1 is a fun find in the wild
  11.   batman #448-449 between Gotham and the 1966 batman t.v. show on dvd I am surprised to not see more people Cosplaying as the penguin. The penguin is an easy outfit to make. You can even make cool umbrella props to go with the costume. This is the first modern copper age penguin story just dark and I am surprised that batman issues between #420-500 are so cheap. Speaking of batman issues in the #400s
  12.  batman #416 first meeting between dick Grayson and Jason Todd. Did you all see the new titan’s trailer? titans looks to be great I believe in two years we will have a live action red hood this is a key comic and can be had for $5
  13.  the adventure of the Kool-Aid man #1&2 never seen a kool aid man Cosplay why not? heck I would even hand out packets of kool aid at shows if I did this and I could say oh yeah all day long these two comics are tough ends
  14. Xmen classics #35 reprints uncanny x men #129 first kitty pryde first Emma frost first hellfire club kitty movie Emma is a Cosplay all-star kitty needs more Cosplay love the gifted t.v. show fox and Disney making new movies this reprint is cheap  dollar box cheap
  15.  darker image #1 the maxx needs Cosplaylove. The maxx was a hit m.t.v. show. back when m.t.v. meant something special before the clown shoes from pregnant and sixteen and the jersey shore ruined it and can we arrest dr. drew already dr. drew is a idol he promotes teen girls getting pregnant for ratings witch is stupid sorry getting off topic but this issue can be found in dollar boxes most issues of the maxx before #20 are super cheap the wizard ½ and the ½ glow in the dark are great buys as well please m.t.v. bring the maxx back.
  16.  Typhoid Mary. Alice eve played marry walker great. On episode five right now. Iron fist season two is better than season one two books for Mary fans are daredevil dead pool annual 1997 dead pool falls in love with marry low printed annual Netflix another Mary book to keep an eye out for is dead pool 1997 series #8 books like daredevil s#255-260 especially he classic #257 witch is daredevil vs the punisher world trade center cover why so cheap romita jr. when romita jr. was good. But I hope the Netflix shows use Mary again maybe in daredevil so we get her full comic book origin from man without fear #2

Well my cbsi family. That is my top 15 reasons to speculate on Cosplay. Cosplay helps comics grow in popularity and exposure. Remember to always be kind to the Cosplayers tip them often and tip them well because at the upcoming tna komixx coming soon my Cosplayers work on tips and tips alone #testify.

Thank you all or reading this. Thank you all or the friendship, advice, love and support always use the force.

-Adam Anthony


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