CBSI Writer Wars Round 2 : INDIE SPOTLIGHT SERIES by Andy Tomberlin

It’s a question that is frequently asked , “What’s the next Walking Dead from the Indie world “?? In layman’s terms , “what’s the next small press comic that is gonna blow up on t.v or the Big screen and make me a ton of money ?! ‍‍”.  Haha. Unfortunately I can’t answer that question definitively, but i can give you some info and insight to help you along your way……

Let’s say we start with 100 dollar budget . Several ways you could spend it in the indie world. You could invest in one book or break it down into a couple. My strategy is to go for a couple different books. You just never know what titles will take off, so I try to increase my odds.

So let’s get down to it.

Seven To Eternity 1A


This is an Image title , and had a strong start out of the gate and built up a pretty big following. This book is written by Rick Remender who just recently had his Title Deadly Class optioned. On this pick we will go with a graded copy. This comic got very hot with cover 1A cgc  9.8s going for 150$ and some over that. It has since slowed down and come back to earth on the pricing. Right now you can get it for right at 70$- 100$ shipped. However if you wait on an auction to come around some have gone for 50$ to 70$. Sooner or later though this one will head back up in price , because of its following. The series took a couple month break , and I believe that is what hurt the sales. Don’t sleep on this one !!!!!  Great Read , Great Art , Winner all the way around.


So let’s say we get this one off eBay for 70$ plus 10$ for shipping.   80$ Total.


Farmhand 1


This is another image title that just screams at me ! I gave a heads up about this one on the CBSI Google forum. Sales , sales ,sales , is a big part of what draws me to this one. On 9/9 this one had a total of 11 sales. That is more than the 6 days before that combine ! Rob Gulliory has hit a home run with this one, it’s a great story that will def get attention.This one is still available at cover as of 9/10. Better hurry though !!!!!


So let’s say we get this one off eBay for 4.25$ and 3.99$ shipping.   8.24$ Total


Afterburn 1


This Comic is from Red 5 comics and has a small print run. Afterburn is kind of a no brainer right now to me because of the price. They can still be found at cover online from the Publisher. That being said , they are all over the place on eBay on sales. Some sell for cover and some sell for 30$. Afterburn is a book that has definitely flown under the radar. It has a movie deal in place with Gerard Butler to star in. At the price, why not take the chance. You never know is all I’m saying !

So this one we will get off the publishers website for 3.99$ and 6.99$ shipping ( which is way too much for shipping ,My biggest gripe with some distributors)  10.98$ Total.


So in the end we spent 99.22$ and got 3 great books and one is a cgc 9.8 !  Now we just have to sit back and hope for the best !







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