CBSI Writer Wars Round 2 : Shreddin’ the Hater Wave by Joseph Zdyrski




There has been a lot of talk lately about the fear of missing out and how real that phenomenon is in our hobby.  Well I’m here to offer a different perspective because in reality there are so many key books and new books coming out weekly it’s absolutely impossible for all but the uber rich to literally buy everything.

And if one chases every hot modern they are undoubtedly ignoring other markets to some extent… GA, SA, early Bronze etc. And some of those other markets are really better long term investments.

Also as collectors we are in a sense defined by our collections.  What we chose to collect but also what we chose not to collect can say a lot about the collector but also in the end a nice well rounded collection featuring keys from all eras and perhaps a few areas of focus … ie: Batgirl/Supergirl books and/or AH!

Covers will always look better and be easier to resell/ hold its value better than a collection of each weeks was hot moderns with little to nothing else of substance.  And as speculators take a look back the fact is clear that only a small fraction of these hot books keep their value or go up.

Meaning chasing every modern is a crap shoot at best. So instead of being afraid of missing out…. be fearless and ride the hater wave with me as I discuss some very hot books I am sure will not stand the test of time.


Batman Damned 1

I’m sure everyone saw this one coming.  This book shot up way too fast and has really little substance to back up the heat.  And mostly it has lack luster covers for for the first issue. Nothing I’d ever want to hang up and display.  And on top of that it’s oversized…. I repeat oversized ie: nor appealing to all collectors. All this equals a 30-40$ book at best by this time next year and that’s if the story and art are as good as I’ve heard it is.


Carnage Mind Bomb 1

Okay the last book just kinda fell into the lap of this hater wave rider.  This book however is the one that originally inspired this article. Carnage: Mind Bomb is quite possible the worst book one could ever chose to invest in … maybe ever.

This book has absolutely no precedent for this book’s value.   For the sake of argument let’s just assume that Donny Cates is the next Frank Miller.  In this scenario he is totally the next Miller hell he’s twice as good so let’s say we find the value of Frank Miller’s favorite Detective comics issue and double it….. wait so no one cares about Miller’s favorite book or ever knows it??? How about Allen Moore’s???

No idea either…. well that’s because no one collects comic book writers favorite books.  Never have and I doubt this is the start of some new phenomena…. just spec hungry newbies overly obsessed with their new favorite writer. After the Cates hype dies down as it inevitably will the people who paid up will have a very hard time explaining why others should care about this book let alone pay 150+ for a copy.

Overall I implore you all to think for yourselves and have standards of your own.  Don’t just follow the market and chase books just because they spike in value. Ask yourself would I be buying this if it wasn’t going up in value?  And if you can’t say yes just let it go and some hate for that book flow.

After all there are always new book out every week and constantly chasing last week’s hot book is not a good place to be.  But overall just don’t let the crazy roller coaster that is the spec game get in the way of enjoying the hobby. Imo there is absolutely no reason to take it too seriously.


Special Thanks to Mel V. For coming up with concept of the hater wave.  


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