CBSI Writer Wars Round 2 : You’re Welcome by Mikey Bishop



As a practitioner of the dark art of cynicism throughout my formidable years into adulthood; I have always loathed all of pop culture and geekdom.  Growing up how I did, you stood pumping your fists to underground hip hop from the east coast while cruising the back roads of Mclean. As a child, comics were very much a part of my life and shaped me in some ways into becoming the person that I am.  However, experiences in high school middle school and college found this interest waning as interest in underground film and avant garde cinema took hold.

Well all those “good times” are done with.  I have kids no time or stomach to watch those ultra realistic disturbing movies.  Driving around listening to hip hop makes me feel like a tool, so it’s back to Megadeth and making people eat my metal.  I had to find something to help with the monotony of life, recovering from a back injury and slight addiction to pain medication comics became my escape.

First three months were terrible; I consumed every terrible book I could get my hand on. Jumping into stories I had no reference of but I would take them home read them and felt relaxed, felt peaceful.  I started to tailor my comics to what I thought would bring me joy. I tried golden age and silver age and to be polite it was not for me.

I went onto copper and early modern age and I found a few things I really loved; believe it or not, to me was really fun.  I loved Silver Surfer and buy him anytime I can.

As I started progressing through comic history the books were not very good; an event here or there, a new appearance here or there, but nothing that shook me or the industry for that matter.

Once I hit about 2008 and the Annihilation Conquest and New Guardians of the Galaxy came out, there was a light but it was dim.  Then the movies come and that light becomes a sun and the Marvel Universe has been exposed and given the treatment it deserves.

Unfortunately, the stories being sent to the LCS were way below par and what was up with the red band on the comic books. Seriously, who looks at that and says, “It really ties the book together, man.”

I digress, I just started getting into heavy collecting nine months ago because the material that has been coming out has been beyond phenomenal; the art is amazing and the speculation portion that goes in makes this hobby fun exciting and can be enticing.  Our comic overlords need to do everything they can to keep the comics fresh; the print runs reasonable and listening to your fans.

I would like to spend more time talking about certain things that really bother me and that really make me happy going on in the comic book and speculation industry but I will save that for another day.


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