First off I want to thank 14 people that took the time to enter this contest.


And now, I am happy to announce the winners of the first CBSI Writer Wars.


1st Place : Covering the Spread – Brandon Susens

2nd Place: Anatomy of a Hot Book By Mark Cook

3rd Place: Adam Anthony : Comic Hand of Doom

4th Place: Life in a Flash by Josias Misael Ocampo


Winners please email with your Name, Address, Tshirt Size and Style you would like (


Please note there will be some short delay in shipping the 1st and X place prizes as I am waiting for the Spawn/Witchblade Variants to come in from the UK.


Thanks again to all who entered, all who read and all who voted on this.


And of course a huge thank you to Dan Scott of SCOTT’S COLLECTABLES for the awesome prize support.  Make sure to check out all the great offerings from Dan on his site!!


We will certainly be back with another round in the near future.

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