#CBSIBOLO List For NCBD 3/20/19


What Is The #CBSIBOLO List?


The Bolo List was created, initially, as an Instagram exclusive piece of content I dubbed comics cliff notes. A cheat sheet of sorts, the purpose of the Bolo list is to give CBSI Nation the most up to date information as LCS doors open on NCBD.

The Bolo list is not a list of books you should buy or books that will rise in value.  It’s simply a reporting of what we are seeing in social media response and chatter, talk within our community, initial ebay sales, as well as communication with retailers and posted online spoilers.

Similarly,  every 1st appearance in a given week may not be covered. We only list first appearances that are confirmed first hand or by multiple reputable sources PRIOR to NCBD. No delentiation will be made for full vs. Cameo Appearance as it is for the market to decide and that can not be done until after the books have hit on release day.

The Bolo List is ⅓ of CBSI’s NCBD attack with Simpleman’s Weekly Picks and The Wednesday One. I am very happy to be bringing the Bolo List to ComicBookInvest.Com and all our readers. Be sure to follow us on IG (@comicbookinvestcbsi) for other Exclusive CBSI BOLO content.




Confirmed 1ST Appearances

Reader Buzz

Variant Buzz

AKA Mr. BOLO’S Long Term Play


Back Issue Bolo’s




While we covered this weeks ago, this week again brings Dylan Brock into the forefront. Look for Venom #7 and #9 to continue to rise in value. Grab up those Cover A’s people where leaving chasing the tongue and animation variants. They won’t be cover price for long IMHO. Also expect to see and increased interest in Sinner Takes All #3. I would grab any under market copies of those you may find (I know- not likely but still BOLO).




99% of the time if you hear me talking Jericho then it’s Chris I am referring to. But we are talking Jericho, son of Deathstroke and Teen Titans enemy not Y2J the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla aka the master of the Walls of Jericho (wrestling nerd alert!).  News hit that the DC Universe App has cast Transgender activist Chella Man to play the role in the next season of Titans. This news is sure to get alot of mainstream attention. Grab those cheap copies of Tales of the Teen Titans #43 from those LCS long boxes.




As speculators dash to chase copies of The Untamed and Niobe #1, driving prices through the roof over the last week, there are a few examples of low hanging fruit still available.  One look at the stranger things website will show both the Coloring Book Variant and the Blank Variant for Niobe She is Life #1 available for cover price. Both have sales of $10-15 already.  They also have the 4th Printing available for cover which is a near ghost online outside of the website. If you’re checking those issues out be sure to check out some of the cool exclusives they have available for $20.  Some favorites include Homages for Zelda and Tribe Called Quest with the latter boasting a cover appearance from CBSI’s Shaun Leggitt and Mel V.


Cosmos has come to Ponyville


Fans of My Little Pony have been anticipating a new villain named Cosmos since there was talk in October of him being the new big bad in the MLP Movie.  Last issue saw his debut in the special edition #75 Issue of the popular series. Issue #76 hits stands today and the issue is selling out at retailers with Cover A being the most popular as it depicts Cosmos.  The continued interest bodes well for the 1:10 Incentive for issue #75 which was previously on the Bolo list. Also BOLO Midtown still has copies of Cover A and B for Issue #75 for 15% off cover price. Some may sleep on MLP spec but a simple google search shows that sites have been talking about this character for some time.


Devil Hulk


This week’s Immortal Hulk #15 gives us the return of Devil Hulk.  This will seemingly continue to pop Hulk #12 and #13 from the 2000 run and could see heat spill over to issues #27 and #28.  BOLO for these issues while in shops on Wednesday. Also be sure to check out our Breaking Bolo as we were one of the first to bring this rumor to the community right here on ComicBookInvest.Com!


Good Luck CBSI Wednesday Warriors!

-Jack DeMayo



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