#CBSIBOLO List For NCBD 3/27/19


What Is The #CBSIBOLO List?


The Bolo List was created, initially, as an Instagram exclusive piece of content I dubbed comics cliff notes. A cheat sheet of sorts, the purpose of the Bolo list is to give CBSI Nation the most up to date information as LCS doors open on NCBD.

The Bolo list is not a list of books you should buy or books that will rise in value.  It’s simply a reporting of what we are seeing in social media response and chatter, talk within our community, initial ebay sales, as well as communication with retailers and posted online spoilers.

Similarly,  every 1st appearance in a given week may not be covered. We only list first appearances that are confirmed first hand or by multiple reputable sources PRIOR to NCBD. No delentiation will be made for full vs. Cameo Appearance as it is for the market to decide and that can not be done until after the books have hit on release day.

The Bolo List is ⅓ of CBSI’s NCBD attack with Simpleman’s Weekly Picks and The Wednesday One. I am very happy to be bringing the Bolo List to ComicBookInvest.Com and all our readers. Be sure to follow us on IG (@comicbookinvestcbsi) for other Exclusive CBSI BOLO content.




Confirmed 1ST Appearances

Reader Buzz

Variant Buzz

AKA Mr. BOLO’S Long Term Play


Back Issue Bolo’s 




Silencer had some scene stealing moments on her short run on Arrow. This code bode well for her future use in TV or Movies. Her 1st Appearance has yet to really do much even showing up on Midtown’s 75% off sale for .87! There may come a time we all regret not leading a short box full at those type prices.


Marvel Rising


With another Marvel Rising book heating up, it’s important to remember the first: Marvel Rising #0 FCBD. For a brief moment this was a $15 book. Now selling for $3-6 (if that). It boasts a first appearance and was the first under the imprint that has now been going strong a few years. These are sitting dement at LCS’s and may be free in most cases.




With a new movie on the horizon, the USUAL suspects are heating up. DC has pointed to Justice League #0 and 21 as source material. All three boast affordable 1:25 variants. Reviews for the movie have been stellar and speculators may just be slow to the take.


Good Luck CBSI Wednesday Warriors!

-Jack DeMayo



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