#CBSIBOLO List For NCBD 3/6/19


What Is The #CBSIBOLO List?


The Bolo List was created, initially, as an Instagram exclusive piece of content I dubbed comics cliff notes. A cheat sheet of sorts, the purpose of the Bolo list is to give CBSI Nation the most up to date information as LCS doors open on NCBD.

The Bolo list is not a list of books you should buy or books that will rise in value.  It’s simply a reporting of what we are seeing in social media response and chatter, talk within our community, initial ebay sales, as well as communication with retailers and posted online spoilers.

Similarly,  every 1st appearance in a given week may not be covered. We only list first appearances that are confirmed first hand or by multiple reputable sources PRIOR to NCBD. No delentiation will be made for full vs. Cameo Appearance as it is for the market to decide and that can not be done until after the books have hit on release day.

The Bolo List is ⅓ of CBSI’s NCBD attack with Simpleman’s Weekly Picks and The Wednesday One. I am very happy to be bringing the Bolo List to ComicBookInvest.Com and all our readers. Be sure to follow us on IG (@comicbookinvestcbsi) for other Exclusive CBSI BOLO content.




Confirmed 1ST Appearances

Reader Buzz

Variant Buzz

AKA Mr. BOLO’S Long Term Play





Back Issue Bolo’s – 03/06/19


Immortal Hulk #1


It’s funny how usually a #1 issue is king when it comes to a hot run, but for the longest time with this Immortal run, #1 has been an afterthought. But with the heat on the whole series and people scrambling to put runs together, #1 has found some heat. I’d your LCS has any cover price copies GRAB them! Cover A has meet on the bone even up to $10. Also BOLO for stores that did store variants for issue #1. Moat stores did not sell out and still have copies for sale. Prices could jump once dealers sell out. The demand for this series is real.


Die #1


Prices jumped from $12-15 to $17-20. With the series receiving monthly reader buzz and speculation on a media adaptation, this book may be in that now or never stage. Some members of the community have reported still finding them for cover at their LCS. If you were ever thinking of getting in on this book, now is the time.


Emiko Queen


Emiko Queen has been front and center this season on the CW’s Arrow. Having First Appeared in New 52 Green Arrow #18, Emiko shows alot of potential as a character to buy into. There seem to be unseen layers to this character that will unfold in the coming weeks. TV spec is tough but this one draws $15-20 right now. So if you see this book in the $5 or less range, go for it, there is some profit to be made here.




Let’s be honest, everything “dark” Archie is hot right now. The one series that seemed to avoid the heat was Jughead The Hunger, that is until now. Netflix released a trailer for season 2 of the smash hit Sabrina and a Werewolf features prominently in the spot. This should mean Jughead in season 2. This sent speculators scrambling for Issue #1 of the series. Like most it features a number of cover options for issue #1 with the most popular being the Hack variant. BOLO if your store is sitting on any cheap copies. The time is now.


Good Luck CBSI Wednesday Warriors!

-Jack DeMayo



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