Charlie’s Angels, Titans of Tomorrow, American Flagg & More!

This week has been crazy with all sorts of announcements almost daily. Here’s what I like…

Snow Crash ( Japanese Edition 2001 )

Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash is coming to Amazon. Now there is no comic adaptation of the cyberpunk masterpiece but legendary Manga artist Yoshiyuki Sadamoto ( See FLCL ) did a cover for the Japanese translation of the book.

Mad Magazine 77 & TV Comics 1397

First comic appearance of Charlie’s Angels

Dynamite Comics is putting out the first Charlie’s Angels Comic. I was surprised to find there has never been a Charlie’s Angels comic but have no fear speculators they still made a comic appearance long ago. Mad 77 is their first but because it’s a parody I feel more confident in TV Comics 1397.

Teen Titans 17

First Tim Drake as Batman

Detective Comics 965 was a revelation. I haven’t really enjoyed much of the Rebirth Tec series but the OZ stuff continues to be a rewarding read and this issue did not disappoint.

Geoff Johns is still playing the long game with all this button, Doomsday Clock stuff. Don’t be an impatient speculator and forget about the keys for this sprawling yarn. Johns has now gone back to his 2003 Teen Titans series and resurrected the Batman of Tomorrow ( possibly the only cool version of Tim Drake ) and with guns blazing made Tec a must read from here on out. This is twice now in as many months Johns has integrated his earlier DC work into Rebirth and it looks like Conner Kent is next!

Look for the newsstand!

Poe Dameron 13

First Captain Phasma comic cover

I’m sure someone, somewhere has mentioned this but I have a feeling Phasma is going to be much more beloved by fans after the next movie. Now is the time to buy and hold on this one.

American Flagg 1

First appearance

Chaykin’s indictment of America in this comic set in the near future is an epic blend of action and comedy. It’s also one of the best representations of what we have already become and are likely to be as a nation. Currently, it is in the earliest stages of development.

Teen Titans Go Preview

First comic appearance of the team.

I say first comic appearance because I have another treat below that is sure to piss off some people. This gem is a freakin’ ghost and that is no joke because I understand how loosely that term is tossed about these days. I’m having trouble finding any actual information about it. With a movie coming look for early issues of both series to heat up but this one is the grail

Diamond Previews September 2003

First Teen Titans Go

I try my hardest to avoid shining a light on these things because it just seems to irk people but this gem not only published nearly the same preview as the book above but it does so in black and white. Sorry but that matters even if it is a trade publication.

Diamond Previews February 2015

So the realization that the first printings of the Rick and Morty DVD contained a mini-comic got me thinking about the first appearance of the pair which are the main characters of the show as the comic Rick and Morty are from another dimension. Thanks to some informed G+ page members the FCBD issue has rocketed to the top of that list as Rick and Morty are reading the comic on the cover. There is one other contender though. Yup, another Diamond Previews. Before you throw feces at your screen hear me out.

This publication has original art and dialog between Rick and Morty unpublished elsewhere and they are discussing the comic. Can we say for sure that their conversation means that they are from Dimension-137? Well, I guess that’s tough to say but this book might be of interest to collectors nonetheless!

Oh and if you are really into Rick and Morty you might dig this store exclusive I haven’t seen anyone mention!

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