Christmas In Diesel City! Contest Winner Announced!

Merry Christmas from the City Supreme CBSI! I hope everyone had an exceptional Christmas and got some goodies from Santa and company. Christmas treated me quite well as I received some great books and a kick@$$ Batman statue, but let’s get to the good stuff first.

A close friend and fellow comic book hunter contacted me in regards to a golden age haul that he had acquired. I of course heard the words “golden age”, and couldn’t help but get excited. He explained that it was a 200 book haul of all golden age books. He informed me of the price that he had purchased the lot for, but I can’t disclose that for privacy reasons. A long story short, the lot was saweeeet! The condition wasn’t great on most, but when it comes to golden books, it’s all gravy. This lot had it all; superhero, western, romance, crime, cartoon, etc. Some of the key issues included War Fury #1, Detective Comics #168, Batman #68, Batman #69, Batman #77, Our Fighting Forces #1, and Superboy #21, just to name a few. My colleague end up gifting me a few books, which I’m extremely grateful for.

The point of this brief tale is to urge you all to KEEP HUNTING! These collections are out there and they’re looking to be cherished and appreciated. Every year more and more old comic books are just being tossed in the trash. Hunt yard sales, flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales! You too could find a stellar collection like this. The competition is out there certainly, but stay persistent and you’ll find yourself a monster comic book haul!

Now let’s get to Christmas. My brother and I always exchange each year, but there are always rules that need to be followed, which makes it all the more fun. This year we set a $50 max, and the books could only be found in the “wild”. I consider the “wild” anything that isn’t online. As I opened my six book, the first five were run of the mill $1-$3 comics. The last book was the big one, and an indy I have been wanting for a while; Cry For Dawn #1! I was pumped to finally have this book in my PC. I managed to get him an Uncanny X-Force #1, the 1:50 Liefeld variant. So to that I say, thank you brother.


Lastly, my wonderful fiancé never ceases to amaze me. She is well aware that I am a huge fan of Gerard Way, as well as comic books (obviously). So to my delight I unwrapped the DC Black and White Batman statue! This was the Gerard Way statue. I absolutely loved it, and loved it even more when I found out that she purchased it in an eBay auction, rather than paying retail. Ahhm I’ve got a keeper.


Batman sketch done by Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance front man and writer of The Umbrella Academy.

Sorry for the brief article, but I will have more for you in weeks to come! The winner of the last contest is jbowers0827. Onslaught would be an absolutely gnarly villain! Once again, thank you to all that support my articles, the CBSI website, and all that participated in the contest! There will be many more giveaways in 2019! Everyone have a great end to this year, and know that good things are coming all of our ways!

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