Classic Cover of the Week 11/17/2019

New Week, New Covers!!


Ghostly Weird Stories #122

There’s really not much when it comes to true L.B. Pre Code Horror Covers.  This one makes the short list though it has a taste of that “Sci Fi Horror” EC Comics were well known for.  It should be noted this is one of the last pre code Cole covers.

Though prices seem really high, these could seem like bargain prices a few years from now if the LB and Baker craze keeps up.


SHELF DATE of March 1954



Detective Comics #69

One of my all time favorite Golden Age covers and one of the top Joker covers of any age.  For years on end this was a popular but not expensive book.  Around 2015 or so when all classic covers and 1st appearances from the Golden Age(and every other age it seems) started jumping in price, this jumped about 800-1200%.


SHELF DATE of November 1942


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As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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