Classic Cover of the Week 12/21/2019

New Week, New Covers!!


Welcome to another Classic Cover of the Week!  This week we have a pair of Christmas themed covers.



Comic Cavalcade #19

Comic Cavalcade featured a Christmas cover each year until it switched over to a funny animal title, this being the last.  Despite being the last, this is still a classic cover from CC artist Everett E. Hibbard.

Only 10 Universal examples on the CGC census, 2 9.0s at the top 2 3.0s at the bottom with an average grade of 6.15.
SHELF DATE of February/March 1947




Action Comics #93

With so many classic Superman Christmas Covers, I think this gets lost in the shuffle.  This Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye cover can be had for a couple hundred bucks in auction for a presentable low grade, while Ebay has a few mid grade copies for what seems a high asking price.

49 Universal examples with an average grade of 6.13.  2 9.6s at the top and a lone .5 at the bottom of the census.
SHELF DATE of February 1946


As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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