Classic Cover of the Week 4/29/2018

New Week, New Covers!!


The entire run of Speed Comics looks like a Greatest Hits compilation of Classic Covers.  This is personally one of my favorites as you just don’t see too many WWII Nazi Demon Masked Monster covers…  At least I don’t.

There are only 12 copies of this on the CGC census.  All are Universal Grade which is somewhat surprising to me.  The highest is a lone 7.0 the bottom a .5 with an average grade of 3.44.
SHELF DATE of September 1943





So many great Joker covers out there, this Dick Sprang cover just screams classic Joker from the mid 40s.  Simple yet to the point, and while not noted by CGC, it is technically a bondage cover.

58 Universal copies, 3 Signature Series, 4 Restored and 1 Qualified.  Of the Universal, there is the Mile High copy sitting alone in the 9.6 spot, a pair of incomplete .5 copies at the bottom and as one would imagine with so many clabbed copies, a lot in between.  The average grade is a respectable 5.5

SHELF DATE of March 1944

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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