Classic Cover of the Week 5/27/2018

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Another in what seems like an endless run of amazing Schomburg covers.  This everything going for it and then some.  Unfortunately Timely Cap issues are tough enough to find, let alone when the “good covers” come to market and set off fireworks.

34 Universal examples on the CGC census with an average grade of 6.01.  A 9.2 hold the top spot while a respectable 1.8 occupies the bottom.
SHELF DATE of May 1944



Just as impressive as all the cool Schomburg Cap covers are the Mac Raboy Captain Marvel covers.  One of Mac’s earlier covers this is a classic and very different take on the War covers of the time.

Only 10 Universal examples of this beauty on the census with an average grade of 6.35.  2 9.0s at the top and a 3.5 at the bottom
SHELF DATE of July 1943

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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