Classic Cover of the Week 7/1/2018

New Week, New Covers!!


Weird Mysteries #4

While most default to #5 as the best cover in the run if not one of the greatest Pre Code Horror Books of all time, I honestly prefer this Bernard Baily masterpiece.  Arguably just as popular in terms of price when it comes to market, this is one of those “top tier” comics that if you want, you better be ready to fight off(with your wallet) the other collectors out there just waiting for a chance to own this one.

35 Universal copies on the census which is surprising to me, though the highest graded is a pair of 7.5s while the low is a single 1.5 and averaging out at 4.62,

SHELF DATE of April 1953


 Phantom Lady #16

Classic Matt Baker cover.  Superb Good Girl art speaks for itself.  This one is not a ghost, but its also not cheap.  Try to grab one while everyone is out searching for the #17.

50 Universal copies on the census though I feel like some of those are regrades.  3 9.4s at the top of the census, one being the Church copy, and a lone 1.5 at the bottom.  50 Copies average grade comes out to 6.06

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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