Classic Cover of the Week 7/15/2018

New Week, New Covers!!



One of the best non horror L.B. Cole covers.  Simple but still a real powerful image.  Copies are not super scarce, though if you are in the market for anything above a VG you might have some trouble.

17 Universal copies with an average grade of 5.79.  The highest being a pair of 8.0s and the bottom held by a 2.5.

SHELF DATE of 1945






The fourth Frank Frazetta cover in the 7 book run from what is widely considered the height of Frazetta’s comic career.  Arguably one of the best Sci Fi comic covers of all time, though that is said about most of this FF run.

44 Universal copies on the census with an average grade of 6.01.  At the top of the chart is a 9.0, the bottom is a 1.8.

SHELF DATE of September 1954

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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