Classic Cover of the Week 7/22/2018

New Week, New Covers!!





Another one of those classic Golden Age “simple but strong” Kubert covers.

Only 25 Universal copies on the CGC census with an average grade of 5.62 and a 9.4 holding the top spot and a respectable 1.5 at the bottom.

SHELF DATE of October 1945


Seven Seas Comics #5

One of the top Matt Baker covers of all time, argued against others from this run, specifically #4.  This is also one of the top Good Girl covers in comics.  Not the easiest book to find, though they do surface in auction from time to time, as usual
17 examples on the census, 2 9.4s and a 3.0 at the top and bottom of the charts, 6.52 is the average grade.

SHELF DATE of 1947

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