Classic Cover of the Week 7/8/2018

New Week, New Covers!!


 Amazing Adventures #2

While long believed to be an Alex Schomburg airbrush cover, it was recently suggested(in 2016) that this is actually Allen Anderson’s work.  Either way its an amazing piece of work and if you are willing to suffer a low grade, can have a copy on the cheap.

24 copies on the census, a 9.4 at the top a 2.5 on the bottom and the grade average coming in at 6.08

SHELF DATE of January 1950




Chilling Tales #15

This entire run is a winner.  Matt Fox brings his odd yet fitting style to this late Golden Age horror comic and makes it his own.  Copies of Chilling Tales are scarce on the market though Ebay does have a few in fixed price though the ask price on the current copies is clearly finding resistance in the marketplace.

Only 8 copies on the census, 1 restored 7.0 then a 2.5 on the bottom an 8.5 on top and some in the middle bring the Universal average out to a clean 6.0

SHELF DATE of April 1953

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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