Classic Cover of the Week 9/14/19

New Week, New Covers!!


One of the “new classics” in the world of collecting, this Mel Keefer (Pencil & Inks)  cover has really jumped in price over the last decade. Those patient enough to wait for one of the online auction houses to bring a slabbed copy to market seem to fair better than the auction wars or incredibly high ask price for restored and coverless covers you find on ebay.  Raw copies seem to bring a few hundred bucks in Fair to G/VG.

SHELF DATE of December 1953

Detective Comics #18

Leo O’Mealia with the second and last Fu Manchu Cover in DC comics (the first being Detective comics #1).  Far ahead of its time, just 2 months after Action Comics #1 hit the shelves, this cover is considered by many one of the finest pre Batman covers of the run.  This book is near impossible with collectors lucky to see more than a single copy come to market a year.

SHELF DATE of August 1938

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