Collecting Big Barda and More!

Warrior servant to Apokolips and minion of Darkseid, Big Barda is one of DC’s strongest female characters but also one of the most overlooked. Current rumors have her romance with Mr. Miracle as the plot for the upcoming New Gods film.

Barda does not have a vast catalogue of comics or covers worth collecting or speculating on but I think now is the time to buy at low, low prices and hold.  The Eternals books continually creep up every day, the same will happen for Barda books.

Here are my pics, Enjoy!

Fem Fantastique 1 1971

OK this is a confusing one.  I have seen Barda’s first listed here as a contest pinup.  What is strange is that she IS in the book, nude and not drawn by Kirby.  I have seen it listed as released in 1971.  It is listed as her first in a few places but I don’t see how it could predate Miracle Man 4 which was released in late 1971.  Here is why I want it though, she is not in her armor and it’s a super rare publication.

Mister Miracle 4

First appearance of Big Barda

At this point this is the book to own.  High grade Mister Miracle is only going to grow as we inch closer and closer to a film.

Mister Miracle 7

First Big Barda Cover

This one doesn’t exactly paint Barda in a positive light. Forced to watch the torture of her love is not something that would really go ever well these days!

DC Collection 76

This is probably one of the rarest Barda books/figures out there.  Look for it sealed if possible.

This DC Direct three pack could also see a rise in demand as time goes on.



Birds of Prey 106

In my opinion this is one of the best Barda covers and it’s kind of hard to find in NM online.  There are newsstands of this but I have yet to see one.



Harley Quinn 7

I would look for a newsstand of this but a Dodson Barda is on my list for sure!



Mister Miracle 28

First appearance of Big Breeda

Well you can’t have a Barda without a Breeda!  I didn’t even know she existed.  It is possible she makes the movie but likely in a small role.

After the books above the pickins are slim.  Here are the remaining covers I personally like and want to own.

  There is a second printing for this comic.


Here is a more in depth article to check out from CBSI writer Skot Whitman

Big Barda… and a couple other Female Furies

and back to the regular pics…

Avenging Spider-Man 12

First appearance of Scarlet Spider-Ham and an unknown black costume Spider-Ham?!

Have you seen what Peter Porker, Spider-Ham 2099 and Pork Grind’s first are going for?  If they can do that well why not Deadpork?

Avenging Spider-Man 13

First appearance of Deadpork



Breaking Bad: All bad Things

First comic appearance

A new movie means everything Bad will get hot again. This comic is a straight up ghost.



Masters of the Universe: He-Man Meets Ram-Man Mini Comic

First published He-Man Comic?

For a while now I have noticed that the first toy mini comic ( He-Man and the Power Sword ) is often presented as the first He-Man mini comic. The problem is that the first volume of mini comics and the variant for the first aren’t comics at all.  They are really just picture books with no comic content.

This book is the first toy insert to be a comic and it predates the actual comic book first of DC Presents 47.  With a live action eventually set to happen figuring this out is pretty important!

The Incredible Hulk 267, 312

First appearance ( cameo ), first full appearance of Brian Banner

It is certainly time to be looking at Immortal Hulk keys.  At this point I think Brian Banner’s first is worth the effort.  These are cheap books of little risk.




I haven’t heard too much buzz on this Mike Oeming GN but Amazon is adapting it.



Astonishing Thor 4

First ( and only? ) modern appearance of the Elementals

One theory I haven’t heard, What if Mysterio’s power is derived from imprisoning the Elementals and they aren’t the villains at all? A lot of people are assuming that the movie wil follow the plot of Mysterio’s first comic appearance but I just don’t know. The MCU doesn’t like to adapt a lot of stories that way. As for the Elementals there just isn’t much spec out there beyond Thrillers 8. they only have one modern appearance as far as I know, Astonishing Thor 4.



Nostalgia Illustrated April 1975

First comic appearance of Nancy Drew

Nancy is getting a movie.  Young female characters are all the rage these days so there is a good chance Nancy becomes very popular once again.

And finally,  are you looking for the first appearance of White Widow?  Well the NYCC preview has multiple covers.  But the best one is still available! available here!

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