Collecting Conan Villains! and More!


With Conan set to enter the modern 616 it’s  probably a good chance that  some of his enemies will eventually follow.  Bringing Conan to the modern Marvel universe potentially adds a wealth of supporting characters which can only help writers across many Marvel books.  This week it’s the best of Conan’s villains, some long shots and of course,  regular pics too!



” Barbarism is the natural state of mankind.”

-Robert E. Howard


Thulsa Doom

ODDS: 2 to 1

First appearance: Kull the Conqueror 3

Arguably one of Conan’s most famous villains, Thulsa Doom was originally a Kull villain.  When most casual fans think Thulsa I suspect this comes to mind

or this

  but his comic character is more Amon Thoth than anyone else.  Even so he remains Conan’s most well known foe and probably has the best odds of appearing first.




Dagoth The Dreaming God

ODDS: 10 to 1

First appearance: Marvel Premiere 7

Servant of Shuma Gorath, Dagoth was also a formidable enemy.    Dagoth has roots in the modern 616 so using him could be a great way to buddy up Conan and Dr. Strange!



Thorgrim and Rexor

ODDS: 10,000 to 1

Marvel Super Special 21

Rexor and Thorgrim may have had few movie lines and looked more like wrestlers than generals or Wizards but don’t be fooled.  Each was powerful in his own right and ended up posing quite a challenge.  Sadly,  I know of no Comic appearances outside of movie adaptations.


Kulan Gath

ODDS: 20 to 1

First appearance: Conan the Barbarian 14

Trapping your essence in an amulet isn’t a bad way to survive through the ages. Kulan was one of Conan’s greatest enemies and he even made his way to modern day NYC to harass Spider-Man, Mary-Jane and Red Sonja in a weird one.



Thoth Amon

ODDS: 5:1

First appearance: Conan the Barbarian 7

The Stygian sorcerer is Conan’s greatest comic book antagonist.  He has plagued Conan throughout extensive comic, magazine and literary appearances and he too has made his presence felt in the modern 616.  He seems like a safe bet.




ODDS: 10 to 1

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere 9

The cross-dimensional god Shuma-Gorath is as ugly as he is powerful.  He’s impossible to kill and has made enemies across many, many dimensions including Conan!



Khalar Zym

ODDS: 5000 to 1

First appearance of Khalar Zym

Well this movie may have sucked but Stephen Lang wasn’t that bad.



Captain Bor’ Aqh Sharaq

ODDS: 750 to 1

First appearance: The Savage Sword of Conan 75

Who doesn’t love vengeful pirates?



Wrarrl The Devourer of Souls

ODDS: 50 to 1

First appearance: The Savage Sword of Conan 90

There is nothing worse than a soul eater who’s solid with the steel.  This demon is a dude even Conan knew to fear and with good reason.  He is probably the villain who has come closest to besting the barbarian.




ODDS: 100 to 1

First appearance: Savage Sword of Conan 5

A super Sexy heiress in black & white, Salome believed herself to be destined for evil! She was right and ended up on the wrong side of Conan’s sword. The Boris cover makes it a must own no matter who appears in it!




ODDS: 1000 to 1

First appearance: King Conan 8

Not exactly a villain, the ruthless god Crom hates the weak.  Has he helped Conan? Well that is up for debate.  Never explicitly mentioned by Robert Howard and having sporadic appearances,  Crom is a blank enough slate to be utilized by a solid writer but I don’t see it happening anytime soon if at all.



ODDS: 500 to 1

First appearance: Conan the Barbarian 4

Conan does not go easy on sorcerers who use black magic.  Just ask Yara.




ODDS: 600 to 1

First appearance: Journey into Mystery 97

If you ask me Ymir the frost giant is a chump but you never know…




ODDS: 150 to 1

First appearance: Conan the Barbarian 18

The evil despot Yezigerd also felt the full weight of Conan’s power. The most evil of generals he tangled with the Hyborian hero more than once!

Anyone I missed?



“Break the skin of civilization and you find the ape, roaring and red-handed.”

-Robert E. Howard




Here are some regular picks!

Hulk 4

First appearance of smart Hulk

Avengers 4 is rumored to have Banner as a Smart Hulk.  As a result eyes have turned to the first appearance of Professor Hulk from Incredible Hulk 377.  This book has a 3rd printing and a rare Finnish limited black and white cover which sell very well. Even the second print is starting to creep up but there is one problem.  Professor Hulk is three characters, green Hulk, Banner and Grey Hulk. To date there has been no grey Hulk in the MCU.  That leads me to this book which is simply the first appearance of smart Hulk.

Avengers Weekly 96 ( 1975 )

First appearance of Conan in the Avengers and on the cover in exclusive art.

We all know Conan is coming to modern 616 we just don’t know how.  WHile books like What if Thor met Conan, What if 13 and What if 43 have all seen movement but do not put Conan on the Avengers.  At the end of What if 13 Cap asks Conan to join but it doesn’t happen.  This book is interesting because he’s on the cover in an Avengers team splash page and the art is not a US reprint.



Care Bears 1

First comic appearance of the Care Bears

So why would anyone care about these 80’s fuzzbuckets who haven’t been relevant in decades?  Well I bet it would surprise you to learn that many collectors covet certain rare issues and some are nearly impossible to find.  Now they are returning to bring all sorts of cheer and joy to the masses and forcibly inject some of us with unnecessary doses of nostalgia.



Elvira’s House of Mystery 1

First appearance of Elvira

What a killer Bolland cover!  There are fresh rumors that a new Elvira film is coming.  I am not sure if we need it but I know I need this comic!



Batman the Long Halloween

Another DC classic is getting an animation adaptation.  This time Batman: The Long Halloween is the lucky winner. Now I would rather see DC give it a 13 episode live action TV miniseries on their streaming service but I still dig animation.  Let’s hope it’s better than some of the recent, epic missteps.

The whole series is something we should all own in its original form.  The only speculation I see is issue 1 due to it being the first appearance of Alberto Falcone. I’m a fan of collecting reprints,  buying to flip is a different story.  I guess all I can advise it to be selective.  In this case I hit two of my favorites, a reprint and a DVD comic insert.  This one is from the two disc Deluxe Batman Begins.




Justice League 0

First appearance of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man

These guys are going to be in Shazam and not the original charterers who first appeared in a book none of us are likely to find.  In the film they will be the new 52 versions who are vastly different from their golden age counterparts.  This one is a bit confusing so here is how I see it.

First new 52 appearance-Justice League 0.

The book to get here is the 1:100.  There is also a rare combo pack, preferably sealed and a 1:15.

After that one Character, Sloth appears in issue 14,  issue 18 has a one panel splash page cameo, 19 is also a cameo and finally in issue 21 we get a first full appearance which also has a sick 1:100


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