Collecting Earth-65 & More!

This week it’s all E-65!  Have no fear though, I have included some regular pics too!


Many many writers are tackling the Spider-Verse movie and all the cool books you should be on the prowl for.  So intead I want to explore the character most likely to invade the minds of the masses very, very soon…Spider-Gwen, more specifically her home and supporting characters. In the future many of these could become highly sought after comics with an increased demand for everything Spider-G.

There is one problem though,  many of these books have an exorbitant number of variants.  for me this is a huge turn off and in the long run I believe it hurts the books because it can be very confusing for the collector.  To save time I have included the ones I personally like the most.  That means I may not be showing the rarest or most valuable version of these comics.  Be warned, if you like these books more work will need to be done by you.



Spider-Gwen AKA Spider-Woman AKA Ghost Spider

First appearance – Deadpool 0, ob, Marvel Previews 24 2014, Edge of Spider-Verse 1,1b, Edge of Spider-Verse 2 ( too many variants and printings to name! )


How a costume can change everything for a character.  Anyone who tells you the character matters over the costume just point to the long dead and often misused blonde from the Spidey books, Gwen Stacy.  In this case though we are talking about the Earth-65 Gwen.  Not only did this appearance catch collectors off guard she has since become very important for the simple fact that Gwen shows alternate universe characters can be a viable thing to spec on.  Besides the slippers I can’t think of a single other thing comic lovers have has to complain about when it comes to Gwen…oh wait, her first appearance!

Initially Spider-G’s designation was to a different Earth but was later rectonned to E-65 as she first appeared in 1965!


So to explain the comics I listed-Clearly her first appearance in a comic is Hawkeye Deadpool 0.  The creators remain vague on this.  Why?  There has to be a reason and until we get one I see no reason not to label this book her first appearance.  As for Marvel Now Previews 24 and Edge of Spider-Verse 1…well that’s me just being me.  The Now book is the first published image and just so happens to give a little insight into the character.  It also happens to appear in the same issue as the cover preview for Hawkeye Deadpool 0.

Edge of Spider-Verse 2 is thee book I get it.



Earth-65 & Brother Brit-Man

First appearance – Excalibur 44

Actually E-65 is only mentioned here and it’s first known resident was the ultra-relaxed Brother Brit-Man!  Brit-Man was part of the Captain Britain Corps, a sprawling multiverse police force.

NOTE:  Brother appears in Uncanny X-Force 19 & X-Men Die by the Sword 3 and that is about it!





First appearance – Agent X 11

First E-65 appearance – Spider-Gwen vol. 2 issue 10


Who can hate a German mad scientist monkey as a villain? I have a thing for badass, evil comic monkeys.  Though not as cool as Jackanapes it’s a close call.




Frank Castle, Bodega Bandit and The Yancy Street Gang

First appearance Spider-Gwen 1

Frankly there are just too many variants to name which often makes me despise a book.  Some are awesome like the Hughes, Molina Comixposure black and white and Keown but most are forgettable.




Kingpin II ( Matt Murdock ), The Lizard ( Peter Parker ), The Mary Janes

Many E-65 characters make their first in this book just further solidifying it’s place as a major modern key.


M.O.D.A.A.K., Koala Kommander

First appearance – Spider-Gwen Annual 1 ( Comic Block Variant )

Take a great cover artists and dump in a bunch or cool firsts and I’m on board.

Not only is this E-65’s version of M.O.D.O.K. but he’s the E-65 Donald Trump!




Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E.

First appearance of Drop Bears

Koala utilizes these on E-65.  Please Marvel, make us a Drop Bear plush.




Harold Osborn and Samantha Wilson/Captain America

First appearance – Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 issue 1

I am going with the Nick Bradshaw variant on this one!



S.I.L.K. & Harold Osborn as the Green Goblin

First appearance – Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 issue 4



Sam 13/Falcon & Redwing

Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 issue 2

 Chiang variant please.

This is one of the more creative takes on the character and in my opinion an underappreciated cover.




Venom Earth-65

First appearance – Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 issue 13

First full appearance – Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 issue 19


Then there is always this…

Guardians of Knowhere 1 Guillory Variant.

Again, how is this not the first?




First appearance – Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 issue 7 ( Action Figure Variant )


I am not a huge action figure variant guy but I really like this one over all the other covers for this book.




First appearance Spider-Gwen 28





First appearance – Spider-Man Vol. 2 issue 12



Wilson Fisk

First Appearance – Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 issue 2 ( Pichelli Variant )





and back to my regular article!



Pride of Bagdad

With BKV signing that TV and film deal,  speculators are scooping up everything from Paper Girls to Ex Machina but if I were Legendary and the rights are Brian’s,  I would be thinking Academy Award and adapt this one.



Spider-Man Enter the Spider-Verse 1 both Animation Variants

First comic appearances and covers for Miles Morales Animated Spider-Man Costume

Look we all know UA 4 is gonna continue to be the market darling when we talk about collecting Miles but after this movie drops all the kids are gonna go nuts for the movie version and his costume is vastly different from the one he wears in the comics.


Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Guide Book, SC and HC & passport to reading

First appearance of Animated Miles Morales Spider-Man costume all released in November 2018



The Amazing Spider-Man 637, 637b & Young Allies 5

First appearance of Anya Corozon wearing the Spider-Girl costume

Young Allies 5

First appearance of Anya as Spider-Girl


Considering Amazing Fantasy made the top ten here are two books;

Amazing Spider-Man 637 Copiel. In this book she is given the Spider-Girl suit but….she specifically states, “ I’m not Spider-Girl.”

There is also a 2nd print which isn’t really easy to find but I don’t see any real reason to value it over the first print variant.

The real book I like is Young Allies 5. Here she becomes Spider-Girl.



The Avengers 71

You all know I speculate on some crazy stuff right? Well the first time we ever hear of Endgame in an Avengers book was in this issue.  What’s the name of that new Avengers film again?


The Lovecraft Anthology 1 first edition & Amazing Stories September 1927

Nicolas Cage is going to be in an adaptation of Lovecraft’s Colour of Space. Lovecraft holds a special place in my heart so while hearing about Cage is scary I am still excited for this.


The first comic was in this printing from 2011 and the story was first published in the super rare Amazing Stories from 1927!

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