Collecting Gredown: Forgotten Aussie Horror Comics!

     Gredown was an Australian comic publisher from the 1970s and 80s.  Most of their stuff is as impossible to find.  A few months back myself and Jason Shaw did a write up on Atlas comics.  Gredown did some reprints of Atlas stuff and even published some original content that was not released here. Gredown also reprinted material from Warren Charlton, Fawcett, Dell and even ventured into Spanish reprints from Selecciones Ilustradas and Creaciones Editoriales¹.

       For those who know Gredown you are aware that there is a good chance other Atlas comics were reprinted along with original material and covers we know nothing about.  Just assembling a list of their catalog has been a challenge for passionate collectors. The history of Gredown is spotty at best with a limited amount of resources available for interested buyers.

     Since it’s almost Halloween here are my favorite Gredown covers.  Good luck finding them though and if you do be prepared to pay.


Blade of Fear 5

Fearful Tales of the Occult 1, 2


Frankenstein’s Nights 1






Haunted Horror 1



Horror From the Lake 1



Living Nightmare

This one has a Ditko story!



Mad Fear 1



Maze of Monsters 3



Orgy of Destruction



Out of this World 1



Phantoms of Evil 5



Pit of Evil 11


Pit of Evil 12



The Rats



Reign of Terror



Sorcery 3

Sorcery 3








Terror under the Sea





The Witch’s Cauldron 2





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