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  Considering the fact that Marvel’s  E-199999 universe is what’s really driving the popularity of comic properties,  maybe it’s time to start scooping up undervalued key firsts from the universe that actually matters.  Now many of these are very cheap and the market rarely likes movie adaptations but when we look back it’s going to be the E-199999 versions that our kids remember.

Here are my favorites:


Captain America Civil War One-Shot

First appearance of Helmut Zemo

With a sick Del Mundo cover,  this one as well as many other guidebook comics are actually not that easy to find.  Considering Marvel has confirms that Zemo will return, this version of the character was calculating enough to actually win.  How many Marvel cinematic villains can say that?  We have no idea what he will look like down the road but I am hoping Marvel takes the best from the source material and weaves something new.





 The Art of Thor Ragnarok HC

First published Valkyrie design

This may not be a comic but the first published art for the costume appears within it’s pages.

Valkyrie was the breakout star of Thor Ragnarok, so much so that Marvel decided to take a movie character and insert her into the 616.  That doesn’t happen to often!

First 616 appearance: Exiles 1 ( 2018 )





Captain America First Vengeance 1

First appearance of Bucky Barnes

Since Bucky is set to become the White Wolf he has become a totally different character all together making him unique to the E-19999.  He remains popular with fans and I look forward to his new look in Black Panther 2.

First 616 appearance: Captain America Comics 1





Captain America Vengeance 3

First Peggy Carter

Despite a failed TV show Peggy is also a fan favorite.  I am still seeing her cosplay at cons everywhere I go.

First 616 appearance: Tales of Suspense 77





Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude 2

First appearance of Groot

We all know that the first appearance of Groot is an ancient comic that most people will never find.  But the Groot we all love was redesigned for GOTG.  No one cared about Groot prior to this film and he ended up a breakout star who still generates a ton of money in merchandising for Disney. First 616 appearance: Tales to Astonish 13





I am Iron Man 1

First appearance of J.A.R.V.I.S.

The old butler for the Avengers was also the subject of a cinematic retooling and in a nifty piece of writing not only was Iron Man’s onboard A.I. but ended up becoming the E-199999 Vision!

First 616 appearance: The Invincible Iron Man 10






Infinity War Prelude 1

First appearance of the iron spider armor

I have mentioned this a few times but one cannot deny the power of this book as it has been selling well since it came out.  While others buy ASM 529 the costume’s real first is here.  Other than the additional arms the suits are not the same as it was recently revealed that the design was based on Alex Ross’s costume from his most recent Spidey run.

First 616 appearance: ASM 528,529





Thor Dark World Prelude 1

First full appearance of the E-199999 Thanos and Chitauri

Easily the greatest cinematic comic villain ever,  the first appearance of the E-19999 Thanos should not be denied.

In addition Marvel was unable to use the Skrulls so they used the Ultimate version, the Chitauri.

First 616 Appearance; Iron Man 55 ( Thanos ) / The Ultimates 8 ( Chitauri )





Captain America Road to War

(  El Capitan Theater Exclusive & Mattina Variant only )

First appearance of the Vision and cover


Because the costume and concept are a complete re-imagining of the character,  this one makes my list.  Remember that the Vision’s voice was originally the E-199999 J.A.R.V.I.S. who first appeared as a voiced A.I. in the Walmart DVD pack for Iron Man in a mini comic called Security Measures.  That rare comic was only reprinted in the collected Trade for I am Iron Man.

First 616 appearance:  The Avengers 57




Guardians of the Galaxy Guide to the Cinematic Universe One shot

First appearance of The E-199999 Ravagers

There is still a rumored Ravagers coming from James Gunn.  If that every happens look for this one.

Star Lord 2 ( 2016 ): First 616 Ravagers and first Ravagers overall




Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude TPB ( 2014 )

In 2014 Marvel released a digital GOTG prequel comic called Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite 1.


It is the first appearance of the E-19999 Starlord and many other key E-199999 characters including Thanos, Groot and Yondu.  This is significant because Starlord, Yondu and Groot are vastly different from their 616 counterparts.  They are popular today because of the film not due to anything published in a comic.  Thanos, Groot and Yondu only appear on computer screens via cameo so other books are more important but it is the E-199999 Starlord first.


First 616 appearance:  Marvel Preview





Iron Man Security Measures

First appearance of Phil Coulson

Not only is this the first appearance of the E-19999 Phil but it’s his first appearance overall.  He was later incorporated into the 616 in Battle Scars 1,7 both of which are criminally undervalued.

NOTE:  Iron Man/Hulk/Fury one-shot is the first full appearance of Phil in a regular comic and it is important because it published  E-199999 material that is canon but was never filmed. It is also the first canon appearance of the E-199999 universe!

Then there is the first appearance of E-199999’s designation.  This is key as it is the first time E-199999 is mentioned anywhere.






Young Avengers 8 Volume 2

E-199999 was mentioned and visited off panel



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