Collecting Slave Leia

Taking a break from the usual article I have decided to focus this week on a favorite of Star Wars fans everywhere!

This conversation came up over at G+ some time ago and it got me thinking,  now that Disney no longer produces Slave Leia products what has been produced is all we will ever get.  Thankfully there is ton of it out there.  Today I am going to help navigate through the glut, revealing the treats collectors should try and get their hands on.  Many of these items should only appreciate in value over time.

So why now? Well it appears Disney is not interested in perpetuating negative images of women to turn a profit anymore Really?  OK well I guess this kind of thing can’t help.  Granted Disney is not responsible for this image but the whole thing has become quite messy, especially in the modern age.  All people want to see is a woman in a compromising situation, sey up to be a sex slave for an alien gangster.  But if you really look at it Leia only has herself to blame and frankly she wanted it that way.  She knew the risks trying to rescue Han and eventually kills one of the most feared criminals in the galaxy.  That is pretty empowered for women so why can’t she be accidentally sexy while doing it?

  The fact is the market for Star Wars was a still remains gears towards young boys and ummm…older boys!

I would like to thank CBSI member Ronan Kan for inspiring this article.




Rolling Stone 400/401

When you think about it Leia wasn’t exactly thrilled to be a slave to a disgusting gangster so finding images where she is smiling are hard to come by.  This issue makes light of her dire situation and has an awesome cover featuring Star Wars greats.  It is possible the sexiest Slave Leia shot ever produced!



Gamepro 194

The Gamepro mags are easy enough to find but finding bagged copies is another story.  This one includes a Return of the Jedi Slave Leia/Jabba promo card!



Star Wars Galaxy Collector 5 ( with Poster )

There are only a few publications with over sized posters and this is one of them.  Make sure the insert is included, it was often removed.



Return of the Jedi Compendium

Surprisingly difficult to find in high grade this poster mag is just plain awesome!  It features a huge Slave Leia poster!




Return of the Jedi 69

This UK rarity is another badass photo cover and boy does Luke have a solid grip on his sister!  This one is notable as it also features Marvel’s Power Pack!




Marvel Super Special 27

First appearance of Slave Leia

I am pretty sure this is the first appearance.  This books adapts the film and was later reprinted in a mini series format. These are becoming harder and harder to get in high grade.





Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 1 Canadian,Newsstand

First cover of Slave Leia

Trying to find early comic appearances or even covers of Slave Leia is not fun.  She was even left out of certain toys like the Magix Presto Jabba’a Throne Room and Sarlacc Pit.  I don’t see a piece for the Escape from Sarlacc Pitt board game. Was there a focused effort to limit her exposure to kids even back then?  Well that is tough to tell especially since  production of her image ended up being monstrous.

These adaptions were heavily printed.  The ones to look for are high grade newsstands, 3 packs, especially the rare Canadian 3 pack and the Canadian 75 cent price variant.




Star Wars UK ROTJ 22 ( Photo Cover )




Dallas Comicon Program 2005

This rare Slave Leia cover by Mark Brooks isn’t easy to come by.  If you find one cheap scoop it up, Brooks is one of the better artists in comics right now.




Pilote 113

Star Wars owes a great deal to Valerian comics, with more similarities that even Lucas would care to admit (though he has acknowledged it’s influence  ).  Valerian’s creator Jean-Claude Mézières was so shocked by the apparent swiping of details and images already published in his comic,  he went so far as to allude to the rip off in his own work. This rare French magazine which serialized Valerian is an early image of Slave Leia.





Classic Star Wars Return of the Jedi  1

This one is criminally undervalued thanks to a truly awesome Adam Hughes cover!




Other Notable publications;




Return of the Jedi Annual 1983




Star Wars ROTJ Manga 2







Collecting Slave Leia isn’t just limited to comics and magazines, the toy market is a beast all its own.




Slave Leia Sideshow Statue ( limited to 750 )

Hand cast and hand painted, this limited masterpiece is the grail for Slave Leia figure collectors.  It routinely sells for big bucks.



Lego Star Wars 6210  Jabba’s Sail Barge

One thing I have made some serious money on over the years is identifying popular Lego sets upon release, buying as cheap as possible and holding.  It is not a cheap practice but the right sets yield big returns down the road.  This is certainly true of this set!




Star Wars Slave Leia 2011 Vintage Collection 3SDCC unpunched Card




Star Wars Slave Leia Black Series 2013

Other Notable toys; Star Wars Unleashed 2002 SLave Leia, Hasbro 1998 Slave Leia/R2D2 1/6th Scale, Star Wars Unleashed 2004 Slave Leia

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