Collecting Star Wars UK Special

Beyond issue 1 of the Marvel UK reprint series and a few other UK Star Wars books I have mentioned in the past, here are some foreign issues you might want to take a look at. Many of these are extremely difficult to find in high grade as they were oversized and printed on what really amounts to high quality tissue paper.

Star Wars Weekly 69-73

Power pack rumors are heating up again and this time it looks like Marvel might finally pull the trigger. Sadly all issues from the series have high print runs making the only worthy book from that series issue 1 ( 1.25 Canadian price variant )

Power Pack issue 1 was reprinted in 5 parts in these issues of Star Wars Weekly. They made their first cover appearance a few issues later. Power Pack appeared in over 80 issues of the series.

And Power Pack’s first UK cover…

Power Pack also appeared for the first time in Ryhma-X, if you are into foreign collecting:

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 145,146

There’s been some craziness surrounding that now infamous Star Wars issue featuring the Last Jedi on the cover. Well no matter what Mark Hamill says, these two are much more rare.

NOTE: Comic Reader 190 and Comics Journal 63 may have art and more info of the Last Jedi which predates these books.

Return of the Jedi 22

First Bladerunner in title

Hmmmmm…a rare Bladerunner reprint and a Photo Fett cover sounds like a wise purchase to me.

Star Wars Weekly 129

First UK reprint of Boba Fett’s first appearance

Star Wars Weekly 107

One can’t beat a rare reprinting of Star Lord’s origin.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 139

This issue sports that sweet cover to Star Wars 68 and reprints the issue featuring Boba Fett’s Origin.

And if you like that you can hunt for Star Wars Special 5 from the Netherlands which also reprints 68.

Empire Strikes back Monthly 149

First appearance of Death Masque

Original Marvel UK story not reprinted until 2013’s Star Wars Omnibus: Wild Space Vol. 1 ( 2013 ). 149, 151, 156, 157 were all collected in the Star Wars Summer Special from 1983

NOTE: These issues ( minus 149 ) were all reprinted in Devilworlds 1,2 by Dark horse. I have mentioned Devilworlds in previous articles. They remain awesome, outside continuity reads.

Star Wars Summer Special 1985

There is nothing remarkable about the reprints in this issue other than a peculiar Star Wars connection to the Marvel 616. In this issue there is a story called R2D2: Tales from the Data Banks which oddly reprints “I am not Human” from Tales to Astonish 42!

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