Collecting the Living Vampire!

Despite Leto’s casting and the success of Venom,  Morbius has largely flown under the radar, at least from a speculative angle.  The announcement of Crown/Hunger ( is this confirmed? ) has created some interest in one of the worst covers ever from Marvel!  But beyond that there just hasn’t been a lot of buzz.  I really hope that changes because Morbius is a fascinating character who’s film debut could spark the adaptation of many other Marvel characters, hopefully establishing a successful horror corner of the MCU.

This week I have decided to focus on Morbius keys and other issues collectors and speculators might want to consider beyond ASM 101 and it’s reprint.




Amazing Spider-Man 102

First appearance of Martine Bancroft & Emil Nikos

Supporting characters don’t usually blow up the spec market but this books is also the second appearance of Morbius.  Morbius’s love interest has been confirmed and it’s likely his partner will be in the film too.



El Asombroso Hombre Arana 95

There is nothing like a rare foreign reprint of a classic first/first cover to get me excited.  This one could have been had off Ebay under 75 recently.  Now…good luck.



Spider-Man Comics Weekly 139, 140

First Foreign appearance of Morbius

In October 1973 Marvel published the first appearances of Morbius in this oversized UK title.  I love these books because part of the fun is looking for high grade, rare first foreign appearances.



Marvel Team-Up 3

First appearance of Morbius outside of Spider-Man

and its foreign counterpart…



Marvel Premiere 28

First appearance of the Legion of Monsters

The Legion of Monsters is something every horror comics fan would love to see on the big screen. This books is already a must have among Marvel horror fans

and it’s UK Pence cover counterpart,



Vampire Tales 1

First Solo Morbius story

There are going to a fair amount of magazine sized books on this list.  In the past buyers often thumb their nose as these comics because bagging, boarding and storing them can be a hassle.  Well I hope Batman the Damned has changed the thinking on this.  In my opinion everyone should have a healthy magazine sized comic collection!



Vampire Tales 5

Origin of Morbius

Not only is this an awesome Maroto cover but it features the origin of the Morbius!



Adventure into Fear 20

Morbius gets a long run in this series which ends at issue 31




Giant Sized Super-Heroes Featuring Spider-Man

Here is another incredible bronze age cover.  These books can be difficult to find in high grade thanks to the binding.



Giant Sized Werewolf 4

Here’s a forgotten Gil Kane Morbius cover that I really dig.



Vampire Tales Annual 1

Some covers are just too good to pass up.  This Bob Larkin masterpiece is a must own.



Super Spider-Man with the Super-Heroes 158

First new format

Here’s a UK book with a lot going for it, Spidey, X-Men and Morbius all on the cover and a Spider-Man poster inside!!!



Marvel Preview 8

Yes another badass cover, this time a Blade vs Morbius by Barr!




Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man 6

Often overlooked as a reprint this issue actually features new pages and retouched art from Marvel Team-Up 3.



Castle of Horror 1,2

These UK mags reprint some of the best of Morbius and they are not easy to locate.




Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man 38

and it’s foreign counterpart, Spectacular Spider-Man Weekly 375




Spindel Mannen 3




Doctor Strange 10

This cover rules, the narrative not so much.  Once again newsstands only, this one is NOT rare.




Spider-Man 13 ( Newsstand )

No one should miss an opportunity to buy MacFarlane drawing the Living Vampire!  This issue continues to be a fan favorite for good reason.  As with most books from this run it’s just too common.



Spider-Man 13 ( Newsstand )

First appearance of the Midnight Sons

This issue has such a huge print run that the only covers that interest me are this pricing variant and possible a bagged newsstand in mint.



All American Comics 48

Issue 1 of Morbius’s solo series was massively overprinted and even newsstands are to be avoided but this foreign reprint is at least rare.



Morbius 32

Last issues tend to be rare.  This forgettable series isn’t something speculators should waste their time on unless plot details or castings end up connecting to certain issues.  Look for a newsstand on this one as well.



Dr. Strange 52

Here an a great unknown cover by Isherwood.



Venom: The Enemy Within 1

You can’t beat a great Venom cover ( slime included! ).  Morbius appears with Venom which was apparently common in this era (see Maximum Carnage).



The Supernaturals 4

Not only does Morbius appear in this comic but this book is an early pre-GOTG movie Groot appearance! It also contains a Brother Voodoo mask and has a sick Balent cover!



Avataars: Covenant of the Shield

OK so Morbius does appear but I’m picking this mess of a book for the strap on unicorn armor!



Strange Tales Dark Corners 1

Yet another great cover, this time by John Estes.




Legion of Monsters, Morbius the Living Vampire 1

This is one of Land’s best horror covers.



Casualties of War 5

OK so this Marko Djurdjevic might be my all time favorite Blade cover and yes Morbius appears!



Punisher 12

Um Living Mummy, Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, Frankencastle and Morbius on a cover?  Yes please.

NOTE:  Check of Brereton’s cover for 21 as well!




ASM 622




Morbius the Living Vampire 1 ( Newsstand )

Dell’Otto does justice to the Living Vampire and the newsstand is super rare!



Morbius 9

The final issue of the series has a killer Marco Checchetto cover.


Did I forget any that you feel must be included?  Let me know!

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