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Hi everyone, today we’re proud to present the following conversation that my buddy Alex and I had with Steven Morger at STGCC 2018! Steve is one of comic art collecting’s luminaries, assuming a leading role in multiple aspects of this field over the decades. Whilst amassing an exquisite art collection, Steve got to know and worked with many premier artists; he currently represents Frank Cho! Being a proponent of original comic art and growing its global appreciation are some of Steve’s passions – to that extent he organizes two OA-focused conventions: Lake Como Art Festival and LA Ultimate Comic Art and Collectibles Show. Do try to attend both of these amazing conventions, as I’ve heard rave reviews about them!

I’d like to thank Steve for taking time out of his hectic schedule to have this chat with us, and look forward to our next conversation (hopefully at beautiful Lake Como). Without further ado, here’s Steve sharing his thoughts and experiences from the wide world of OA collecting!



Here are links to Steve’s various websites:-

CAF gallery:

Artist representation:

Lake Como Art Festival (17-19 May 2019):

LA Ultimate Comic Art and Collectibles Show:


Until next time, happy collecting!


Here’s Part 1 & Part 2 of the guide to collecting original art; and my CAF gallery.


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