Colorado Springs Comic Con (CSCC)

The Colorado Springs Comic Con (CSCC) is in its third year, and for the third time they changed the location of the event. This year they moved the convention to the Chapel Hills Mall, a partially abandoned mall in Colorado Springs. Like any event that constantly moves, there were logistical issues that would most likely not have happened if they had stayed in the same location as the prior year.

Even though there were two entrances, the line for the entrance that was in the mall was extremely long on Saturday, with people having to wait upwards of two hours just to get in. The other logistical issue was the stairs to get from the first level to the second level. It was dark, cramped, and there was no way for ADA individuals to get up and down without exiting the con, going out into the mall to the escalators or elevators, then re-entering the con.

CSCC relies on a wide array of celebrities to attract the public to their convention. There are always actors from Power Rangers, The Walking Dead, and Professional Wrestlers, but this year’s big theme was a Revenge of the Nerds reunion. Revenge of the Nerds was a classic comedy from the 80’s, and in the pre-internet days, one of a teenage boys first glimpse of the female breast. One of the most interesting aspects of the Celebrity area was the large space dedicated to celebrity tattoo artists. It was actually pretty cool, and a lot of people were getting tattoos.


The main floor was packed with all kinds of vendors and artist, but unfortunately like many other comic cons there was a lack of comic book vendors, even though there were a few more comic vendors from the previous year. I was a little disappointed in the headline artists this year, as they seemed to concentrate on legacy creators such as Allen Bellman, Bob Layton, Mike Grell and Ron Marz. Last year they had some younger up and coming talent like Ashley Witter and Rob Guillory, which seemed to be lacking this year.

The A-Team van!


Panel with Stefan Kapacic, who played Colossus in the Deadpool movie.


I was able to do some digging, and came away with a few books that were spec worthy. I feel like Amazing Spider-man #298 and #299 are undervalued books, and I managed to find a really clean copy of #298. As long as Donnie Cates is on fire, God Country #1 will always be a good pick up (as well as the complete run).

Books like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #18 and Black Canary/Oracle Birds of Prey #1 are under the radar books as the first appearances of She-Ra and the Birds of Prey, and can still be found in long boxes. Deadly Class #1 CBLDF variant and V-Wars #1 1:200 alien variant were cheap plays on soon-to-be TV shows that may or may not pan out. I was surprised to find a newsstand Marvel Tails #1, and I never leave a Manara variant behind!


Over all CSCC still has a ways to go, but if they can stay in the same location next year they can take care of some of those logistical issues that arose this year. Their formula is one that a lot of conventions use to attract a wide audience, but I feel like they could do a better job bringing in better comic book guests, artists and vendors. It was still a fun time, and it’s nice that Colorado Springs (which is an hour south of Denver) can have a convention to call their own.





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