Comic De-SPEC-tive v2.1

I appreciate the feedback I’ve been getting both in the comments sections and through Hangouts.  I have been toying around with a variety of formats to really get a feel for what it seems readers will find most useful.

So inspired by the magnifying glass in my on-the-nose title image, I will be taking a closer look each week at what the current trends are: which books are under the radar, which books are over-hyped, what am I buying multiples of and what am I selling off.

In the spirit of the comic publishers that we both celebrate and despise, I proudly present the collector’s edition of the ALL NEW  (um, it’s really just more of the same old thing I’ve been doing every week), ALL DIFFERENT (again…I haven’t really changed anything!)


The Comic De-SPEC-tive Vol 2, Issue 1!


The Usual Su-specs


It seems like there is a new number one every week and that’s no exception with the Justice League showing up this Wednesday.  This is Scott Snyder’s last chance in my eyes to remain in my read pile as he is still living off the goodwill he earned from his Batman run but Metal finished on a sour note for me and No Justice left me a little cold.

This will be the flagship of the three new Justice League books.  There are basically riffs on two covers by the Jims for this first issue, the Lee 1:500 Batman is below and the Cheung 1:250 is right next to it.  I’ll be buying the regular ‘A’ cover as this is a read not an investment in my eyes.



Todd McFarlane embraces recycling on Spawn 286 and had the same image colored eight different ways.  Movie or not…hard pass. Forced to choose though, I’d go with this one.



As of this weekend…
One is sold out one of the major online retailers.
One is sold out at that other big online retailer.
One is sold out at both and disappearing off other sites.
It’s also the one you’re most likely to find that your LCS this Wednesday.

Happy hunting.


Green Lanterns (Louw ‘B’ cover variant)

Dazzler: X-Song 1 (Sienkiewicz variant)

Rise of the Black Panther 6 (Game variant)


Though some may argue for the Deodato, this is really the only Deadpool cover worth owning this week for yet another relaunch of the Merc with a Mouth. 9 out of 10 discerning Opena fans agree.



As Mark Waid will be taking Doctor Strange in an entirely different direction from Donny Cates, namely space,  we’re likely to see some first appearances here. His new companion seen on the ‘A’ cover is still hanging around through the August previews so she could be worth watching. This is the Dell’Otto variant for issue 1 I’ll be grabbing.


Some killer Jesus Saiz interiors certainly don’t hurt either!


God Country is the next…no, Seven to Eternity is definitely the next.hold up, have you read The Realm? Let’s get it straight again, there is no next Saga. There is no next The Walking Dead.

Let’s stop judging Image Comics against other Image Comics just because they’re put out by the same publisher.  Instead let’s assess each one by its storyline, or consistency of publishing schedule or the level of artistic talent attached.

Two of that publisher’s titles, Isola and Death or Glory are both off to a good start in terms of checking off all the boxes and are about as different as can be with the exception being that they are both quality stories with eye-catching interiors and covers.

I’ve been grabbing whichever cover catches my eye and these are the candidates on Wednesday.



Could this be this week’s sought after kid’s title?  Garfield Homecoming 1 variant cover by industry Legend Stan Sakai.



2nd print Darrick Robertson cover for Wasted Space 1; a tough book to find as the 1st prints are already low-printed and this was a 1:2 based on the 2nd print orders for the the Gooden Action Comics homage variant which dropped last week.



Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with this set; the final issue of the Grimm Fairy Tales Dance of the Dead Meguro variants below.



Seuss-ical Su-spec:
The Unexpected 1
Look, oh, look,
It’s a Ryan Sook book!
An absolute artistic beast,
(For an issue or two at least.)



Steve Orlando promises that this will be a book that provides a connective thread from everything in the DC Universe from Final Crisis all the way through Metal.  Be aware that the Viking Judge recently showed up in Steve Orlando’s run on Justice League America.  He also utilized Promethea in his run and this along with the emergence of Tom Strong over in The Terrifics we could be seeing further integration of Alan Moore’s ABC comics creations into the DC proper.  This is one to read with the potential for first appearances being strong.

Previews Quick Shots: Cuz it’s Never too Early to Spec for the Summer

I’ll be doing a deeper dig into the Sandman books featured in the new Previews but here is a sneak preview for books releasing in August.

Remember what I said earlier about Image hitting it out of the park with both Isola and Death and Glory.  Same goes for this book..Coda 4 (Shaw variant)



Small Press Read:
The Vigilant



The classic 1970’s Fleetway characters get dusted off by new owners Rebellion Developments LTD in this one shot that launches the new Rebellion-verse. Looking forward to checking this one out.


Small Press Variant Cover Pick:

Bong Dazo variant for Grimm Fairy Tales 21 B, Zenescope; definitely a Doctor Strange feel to the subject matter but also evidence that the publisher doesn’t rely solely on titillation.



Character Watch: Sasquatch in Immortal Hulk 4



Alpha Flight spec is always rough to be sure but there’s definitely a history between these characters.  The solicits promise that Sasquatch will die at the Immortal Hulk’s hands in this issue.

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men 120



Two early Hulk-Sasquatch meet-ups



Might the upcoming Masters of the Universe vs. Injustice series generate an uptick in DC Comics Presents 47?  There’s a good chance cover for  issue 2 might…



Nayeli Constant, Aztek gets to be part of a Wonder Woman cover.  First appearance Justice League of America 20, v.5



Marvel is really pushing Requiem as a major level threat in the Infinity Wars books.  She really only garners my interest if she ends up being Nebula in which case the already heating up Avengers 257 gets pushed up to the next level.  Some are guessing Moondragon as well… she first appears as Madame MacEvil in Iron Man 54.



Artist Spec-light: Jeff Spokes

Primarily a cover artist, Jeff Spokes looks like he’s taken the next step in his evolution as an illustrator and the results are making me sit back and take notice.

He is currently working on interiors and covers on the new Aphrodite V. Looking at some of his recent sketches, you can get a strong sense of an AH! influence, never a bad thing.



Until next time, keep spec’ing the unex-SPEC-ted!


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