Comic Kicks 2

We meet again! 

Before we get started with the crowd-funded goodies, let’s do a quick review for the peeps who didn’t read my introductory Comic Kicks article from this year’s Writer Wars, which in all honesty is probably close to everyone. 

In all seriousness, I’m honored to be able to contribute to this awesome CBSI community. Thank you to everyone who voted (super delegates?). I hope I can add value to your collections and provide you with a little info on this “undiscovered” corner of the comics landscape that maybe you didn’t have before. 


Here’s the ridiculous trailer. Enjoy!


Creator/Writer: Garrett Gunn

Interior Art: Kevin Stokes

Inker: Jeremy Clark

Color: Nicholas Touris

Letterer: HdE

Publisher: Source Point Press





Warcorns is…ahem…an elite military force of unicorns assembled to apprehend the deadliest criminals in the galaxy.


So, this is basically the antidote to My Little Pony. It’s an adult, farcical paramilitary comic that looks stupid and ridiculous and I have to have it! The characters are new, but the story links up with another comic that Garrett Gunn has made called Franklin and Ghost, which I know nothing about, but it doesn’t matter. The entire creative team is completely aware of how ludicrous this concept is, which makes it all the more appealing. The warcorns deploy and execute six distinct and multi-functional missions including unconventional warfare, direct action, counter-insurgency, special reconnaissance, counter terrorism,and security force assistance…..and they’re unicorns. What else needs to be said?

Art – 8 – The art team is solid, with an excellent track record with many other publishers. The color and style seem to fit the concept perfectly. There are variant covers available by Ryan Kincaid and Peach Momoko, so, plus!

Story/Concept – 9 – I love it. I have a 7-year-old girl and this unicorn thing is beyond played-out. To borrow from Portlandia, “Put a unicorn on it!” is the marketing trend of the decade. It is RIPE for satire, and here we are. If Metalshark Bro is worth publishing, than this is by a mile!

Spec/Investment – 5 – As much as I would love to see this concept get optioned by Netflix or HBO for an animated series, it’s a huge long shot. For the time being, the best case scenario is that the response is big enough for Source Point Press to give it a limited or ongoing series, and then to have the cover art grab enough eyeballs at the lcs to sell out and make waves. Even if it doesn’t jump to another form of media, it could gain a cult following in the comics world.

“Damn Gina!” – 8 – Something about this book jumps out at me. I want to pick up the chromium cover, read this dumb story, and add it to my collection. Period.

Total score – 30 out of 40

Recommended Reward Tier: 

This is a spendy campaign in general, but for $10 you can get out with a single copy of the regular comic. I’m leaning towards this $100 tier, as the bottom three rewards here would cost $70 by themselves, so for $30 more I get an “In Your Face” virgin variant cover signed by both writer and cover artist, with only a print run of 100. I wish there was a tier that offered every possible variant, but they are saving the Peach Momoko cover for retailers only. If it hits, I could get my $100 back just from the prints and the first two covers.

And the trailer:


Writer: Vera Greentea
Art: Kyla Vanderklugt





This is a one-shot gothic ghost story. I like that it’s a self-contained story and the horror comic genre is on the upswing. I like that it’s creators are female. We need more modern Mary Shelleys. The synopsis reads like a Guillermo del Toro teaser, a simple, creepy premise.

Art – 8 – Kyla’s art style fits this book, just stylistic enough to give the art a period-piece vibe, but simple enough to let the story be the focus.

Story/Concept – 6 – It seems to be a pretty straight forward haunting story, but the best horror stories are, and looks can be deceiving. 

Spec – 2 – As a one-shot outside of the big publishers, this will be hard-pressed to gain the attention it would need to get picked up by anyone. The smaller comic publishers like IDW and Boom do keep their eyes on Kickstarter however, so if the story rocks, it may pop up elsewhere.

“Damn Gina!” – 4 – It looks like a quality project, but it doesn’t explode off the page. For now, it’s under the radar.

Total score – 20 out of 40

Recommended reward tier:

This is a pretty simple release. There’s only one cover, a process/art book, and a little swag at the higher levels. $70 will get you everything, but I’m happy with this $15 tier and the physical comic it comes with.  

The trailer is in German, so if you can remember more than I can from your high school German class, here it is:


Writer / Co-Creator / Colorist / Letterer: Ralf Singh
Co-Creator / Line Artist:
Hannes Radke
Mark Schmitz
Kyla Vanderklugt
Guest Artists:
Katrin Gal and Petra Popescu





This looks like an ambitious, but polished sci-fi world-build. From the Netherlands, it comes in both German and English. It really looks like it was ripped straight from the Image section of Previews. 

Art – 8 – From what they are showing, it holds up against the big dogs. 

Story/Concept – 7 – The concept sounds intriguing. There are, however, new sci fi universes bombarding us every two weeks at the lcs. You really have to be exceptional to stand out.

Spec – 6 – Though it may LOOK like an Image book ripe to be optioned, the fact that it’s a foreign book makes that less likely, and this being a hardcover graphic novel makes it less collectible in general than a true comic would be.

“Damn Gina!” – 8 – Something about this project strikes me though. I really want to jump in and check this universe out.

Total score – 29 out of 40

Recommended reward tier:

I’m going to keep it simple on this one and just get the basic HC graphic novel, as I missed the early bird discount tier. The optional swag at higher levels includes a tshirt, prints, and an art book.

That’ll wrap things up for this time around. I hope this info was helpful, and of course if these three books don’t float your boat, dig around and I’m sure you’ll find something worth pledging.

Happy crowdfunding! May all your pledged projects meet their estimated delivery dates!

~ Tony – BlueGreen Artifacts

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