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Small Local Comic Con

I have only been to a few comic book conventions, because I don’t cosplay and I typically want to find huge deals on comics without paying big dollars to get in. If I can’t find a comic book worth more than what I paid to get in then the day is wasted. I am coming around though because of the local relationships I am building are further cultivated at these shows.

Beginning of June there was a little show only an hour away that was cheap and most of the local shops were going to be there. I got there just as it opened, which always the best time to finds deals.


Stare long enough and …

The shop I started at had a back wall full of books I can only hope for. They carried some major keys, some of which are my grails. I stared long and hard at the Werewolf by Night 32 (first Moon Knight) they had it priced at market value. They also had few short boxes with some good stuff, but I like the dollar boxes for first purchases. I would come back.



Bargain Bin Diving

I walked the floor to check out all the shops. There were maybe 10 -12 booths selling comics. Not all the booths had bargain boxes. I can usually tell if a booth digs through their own boxes if there are last weeks hot spec book on the wall when it should be in the bargain bin.

I started at a booth with $2 books. After the 2nd box I started to see a sprinkling of decent books in the boxes already bagged and boarded. I listened to another dealer wheel and deal with the booth owner trying to buy some omnibuses and a Stan Lee signed book for a hundred less than total asking price. Dealers love to deal. After about 20 minutes I had small stack and was ready to go to the next booth.


Punk A$*#

The next booth I went to was a local shop’s warehouse sale. The owner did not dig through the boxes of a lot he had bought because of the condition of the boxes. I was probably the third person to start digging, all books were a dollar. In the first box I found a Rose and Thorn Adam Hughes cover, so I knew I would be going through all the boxes. The boxes were set up in a square. You had to enter the square to look through the boxes. As you maneuver through the boxes you move your stack either ahead or behind you so you are not in the way of other browsers.

My stack was getting pretty big, but some of my comic book fishermen wanted to see what I had found. I was pretty excited because I had found Uncanny X-Men 450451 (first X-23 in X-men), New Avengers 27 (first Hawkeye as Ronin) and an old Journey into Mystery with Thor (it was beat, but whole). I had many other books but these were my gems. As I rounded the corner I put my large stack on the table around the corner. The last table I was going to go to. Next time I looked up a dude was going through the boxes around my stack and I offered to move my books. He said I wasn’t in his way and he moved his small stack.

When it came time to purge my stack, I noticed some of my best books were gone. I went back through my stack and the aforementioned books were gone. I was furious the dude must of used my books to create his stack. But he had gone on to another booth. Dude broke one of the comic book digging rules, never go through a stack without first establishing whether it belongs to somebody.

I almost walked away right then, but there were still a few books I wanted. I like my books but my haul would have been so much prettier, with those books.


Visiting my LCS Booth

My final purchases for the day came from my LCSs booth. They had some $1 boxes too. These books had not made it out in the store yet, so I found some decent books. I was excited about the Captain Universe/X-23, because it was one of my bargain bin grails. Knowing its not worth anything makes it hard to buy it off eBay. Found some Adam Hughes Batgirl, Young Avengers 1 and Micronauts 1.



Woulda, coulda, shoulda, but didn’t

That first booth with all the great wall books sat in my mind through all the digging. I approached one of the guys to see if they would be willing to work out a trade. I had brought about $800 worth of books retail, which I was hoping to get a $400 wall book. The booth was willing to trade, but only was interested in a few of my books. Maybe willing to give me $150 in trade. I had 3 books in mind, (ASM 20 with ripped cover $125, FF 52 mid-grade for $400, or the graded WWBN 32 for $800) * after D23 I should have bought it. In the end I decided against any of the books, the ASM can be found online for cheaper, and the other 2 books were a little out of my price range. I might sell my trade then just by the books outright. I do wonder how I would view the day, if those books had not been stolen, and would I have been more willing to get a big book.


Till Next Trip,

A Fisherman


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