Con Coverage – STGCC 2017 (Part 1: Recap & Arthur Adams Interview)

Hi everyone, please welcome back guest author Alexander Lee, as he provides a recap of the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2017! Do also check out Alex’s TV & film review column for CBSI, Live from Mojoworld!. And for those interested in Alex’s OA collecting tastes, here’s his Collector Spotlight!

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention – 9 & 10 September 2017

The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention’s (STGCC) tenth anniversary recently concluded.

Housed in Singapore’s premier exhibition space, the Marina Bay Sands, the convention has sought to cement a spot as Asia’s go-to geek event.

Over the years, the show has tried to strike a balance between the various components in its name. While the toy and gaming aspects have traditionally been the most lucrative, kudos to the organizers for not letting comic book fans feel left out.

Past guests on the comic book front include Joe Madureira, Adam Hughes and Humberto Ramos. The con’s 10th birthday bash required some pomp, and fans were pumped to welcome Frank Cho and Arthur Adams for the first time to our shores. Apart from the headliners, David Mack and Adi Granov were some of the returning attendees.

Another notable feature at this year’s con was our Original Comic Art Exhibition – a first ever in the history of the con.

We cover the STGCC in two parts. The first will discuss the convention broadly and feature an audio interview with Arthur Adams, while the second will focus on the OA exhibition and feature a Frank Cho interview.

We start off with some coverage of the toy/statue aspect. Hot Toys, a longtime exhibitor, was once again present. XM Studios, the dynamic Singapore-based sculpting house didn’t disappoint with its impressive display.

To drum up the anticipation for The Last Jedi, the con organizers collaborated with Disney to roll out an extensive Star Wars feature. Among the highlights were full-size displays of the Millennium Falcon’s interior and Kylo Ren’s Silencer.

Not to be left out, the Jade Giant (togged out in his new gladiator garb) made an appearance in life-size statue form.

The STGCC provides Asia’s geeks with an annual excuse to turn up in full-on cosplay gear. This year was no exception. While I had no clue who they were, a bunch of celebrity cosplayers also made an appearance. Iori Moe, Leon Chiro, Shimo and Siutao were in attendance and judging from their long lines, the force was clearly strong on the cosplay event front.

The artists were also hard at work, doing multiple duties on signing, sketching and panels.

Far from the maddening crowd, the OA Aficionado and I managed to secure a short interview with the living legend, Arthur Adams.

We apologize for the not-so perfect audio, and hope that Mr Adams’ insights will make up for that!

See you next week, when we’ll focus on the Original Comic Art Exhibition and Frank Cho’s interview!

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