Conan, Harley Quinn, Kobra and More…

What the hell is going on?  Red Sonja is getting a movie now Conan is getting an Amazon show and Conan is going to be coming back to Marvel comics?!  Are people really that excited for new barbarian material?  Well I sure am!  Let’s hope these media giants do him justice and hopefully we get to see a lot of bloodshed inside the stone octagon!


Weird Tales December 1932

First appearance of Conan

This publication is not a comic, rather it’s an illustrated mag from waaaaay back.  Finding one won’t only be impossible but you are also gonna pay through the nose.



King Conan 8

First appearance of Crom

I dig this one simply because you can find it cheap and considering it’s the first appearance of Conan’s god how can you go wrong?



Kobra 1

First appearance of Kobra

Black Lightning is getting solid reviews and with Lady Eve in the mix how long before Kobra gets involved?



Batman and the Outsiders 24/Outsiders 16

First appearance of Sister Eve & as Lady Eve

On the Black Lightning show Lady Eve is black.  I don’t think she ever appeared that way in the comic.  Even so a first is a first.  She debuted in this issue below and later reappeared in the Outsiders with a much better look.

NOTE:  G+ group member Darrell Norris clued me in to the earlier appearance of Sister Eve.  Nice Work!



Conan 7

First appearance of Thoth-Amon

With a show coming the villains are going to be very important and Conan has a few that are awesome.  None are as formidable as Thoth.

Other Conan books to look for: issue 1 ( first Kull and Conan in comics ), the Red Sonja keys, 249, Conan 24 Nude, Demons of Khitai 3a ( nude preview ), Conan Classic 11, Conan Saga 93-97, Savage Sword 233-235, the Mignola covers ( newsstand only ) and the Arthur Adams covers



The Authority 21

First Hitman outside of DC

If the Hitman thing happens obscure appearances could do well.  This one is surely in a bargain bin near you.



Marvel Spotlight June 1993

Looking for more early Deadpool.  Here’s one you may have missed!



Monsters on the Prowl 16

First appearance of Thulsa Doom

NOTE:  Look for the NDS insert




Batman 56

First appearance of Bat-Horse

OK I am not saying that Bat-Horse is the Horse who Laughs ( pictured below )  but it would be awesome if he was!



Comics Scene 31 ( December 1992 )

First published image of Harley Quinn

If you know me then it’s clear that I collect Harley.  Am I obsessed?  Maybe.  I mean I am not hitting up Walmart for HQ underwear like some people I know but since her creation I have always collected the character.  In my quest I have found some pretty cool stuff but the hunt has always been on for her first published image.

At this point I think it’s safe to say that this book is a great candidate.  The show premiered two months earlier and there was no buzz around Harley.  Now it’s not her first comic appearance but because her first comic appearance was an adaptation of the cartoon this book might be of interest to many.

Don’t be fooled by the February on the cover.  The book hit shelves in December and the indicia reads 1992.  Also the back page order form is for the upcoming month of January 1993.

NOTE:  I have checked every other publication that could have had an image or this same image and found nothing from 1992-January 1993.  There is a published image from January 1993 in Wizard 17 but CGC does not grade Wizard Magazine and it came out after this issue of Comics Scene




Due to angry readers I am adding these actual images from inside the book not to mention the already stated indicia

Get it by EARLY December if you become a charter member now!

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